3D printing systems from voxeljet: for maximum productivity

3D printing provides greater flexibility, speed and geometric freedom compared to conventional methods – and therefore increases productivity. 3D printing systems from voxeljet are scalable and can be tailored for a broad range of applications and industries. voxeljet’s portfolio ranges from compact 3D printers for research purposes, to large printing systems for industrial production.

voxeljet’s specialist expertise: The innovative 3D printing process, “Powder Binder Jetting”. In contrast to laser-based systems, this process is designed more for size and speed. Your benefit: greater productivity,  cost-effectiveness and a wider variety of materials.

3D printing systems: Your benefits with voxeljet

Maximum productivity:

  • 3D printing is faster, more flexible and more accurate than conventional methods.
  • Toolless manufacturing: Economical production of components in small and medium sized series.
  • Fast turnaround: drastically reduced delivery times.  
  • More complex designs: Greater geometric freedom for engineers and designers.
  • Outstanding flexibility: Adapt and optimise prototypes much faster.

3D printing systems: Common applications

Foundries, car manufacturers and the aviation industry use 3D printing for faster production, casting optimization and high quality components. Thanks to CAD designs, adjustments can easily be made with just the click of a mouse. For this reason, new ideas and prototypes can be developed and implemented faster – thus follow-up costs are reduced. voxeljet’s product portfolio gives customers the option to scale up from an entry-level 3D printing system to systems for industrial production.

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