As a leading manufacturer of industrial 3D printing systems, voxeljet has a unique technological know-how. We are happy to pass on this knowledge to our worldwide customers. Professional competence gives our customers the decisive advantage when working with their 3D printing systems and printed forms and models.

At voxeljet, we know that the engineer and the machine operator play a   key role. For this reason, our knowledge transfer is based on the latest training methods of theory and practice.  During the voxeljet training program you will gain the expertise you need in order to achieve your goals in terms of productivity, process optimization and component quality. 

Training Priorities

  • Training includes the entire process chain such as data creation, data preparation, printing process, system maintenance and post-processing of the parts
  • Training at the customer site or the voxeljet Academy
  • Determining the training needs together with the customer
  • Training with theoretical and practical exercises
  • For new and existing customers
  • Advice on all questions concerning additive manufacturing methods

Training Modules

Module 1 - Basics

  • Acquire specific knowledge of the 3D printing system 
  • Learn more about the print-head technology 
  • Understand production concepts and contexts
  • Get to know production strategies and the possibilities for 3D printed designs 
  • Get further insight into aspects relating to health, safety and the environment

Module 2 - Process Expert

  • Understand the fundamentals of consumables 
  • Get to know the chemical composition of consumables 
  • Gain a comprehensive awareness of material management 
  • Understand and apply quality assessments for components 
  • Develop routines for process optimization 

Module 3 - Tech Insight

  • Develop a fundamental knowledge of 3D printing systems and a general understanding of processes 
  • Get to know and understand fundamental safety aspects 
  • Acquire know-how in operating the system 
  • Understand and apply component post-processing 
  • Understand safety when dealing with personal protective equipment 

Module 4 - Tech Expert

  • Acquire an understanding of system component structures 
  • Understand and clarify the functions of system components 
  • Gain an awareness of maintenance work 
  • Develop strategies for resolving problems   
  • Gain a more in-depth knowledge of the system based on case studies 
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  • Long-lasting transfer of knowledge through a structured training concept 
  • Gain first-hand knowledge from our experts
  • Improve your employees’ professional capabilities 
  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of processes and workflow through the training programme 
  • Unleash the full potential of your 3D printing system 
  • Learn how to operate and maintain your 3D printing system accurately and efficiently 
  • Gather the necessary knowledge for high quality parts

Training Options

Choose a training package or ask for an individual training:

VX User Training: 2 to 3 days

VX Maintenance Training: 1 to 2 days

Target groups

Machine operators, maintenance personnel and engineers

Number of participants

VX User Training: Up to 5 people

VX Maintenance Training: Up to 5 people