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Additive manufacturing is already a common production standard in industry. It not only enables cost savings, shorter delivery times and faster product development, but also new levels of constructive and creative freedom. From automotive engineering and architecture to art and shoe production, there is seemingly no limit to what industries can use 3D printing for.

Wherever new limits must be tested, material saved, complexity simplified, or in manufacturing processes where individualization is key, industrial 3D printing offers the ideal solution. Learn more and get inspired by exciting examples and case studies where 3D printing has successfully been used in industrial applications.

3D Druck in der Gießereiindustrie von voxeljet


The casting industry is in a state of upheaval. With binder jetting 3D printing technology and the tool-free production of molds and cores for classic metal casting processes, we are opening up new horizons for the foundry industry. With no restrictions on individualization, lightweight construction and demanding or complex geometries, not to mention great potential for cost optimization in the 3D printing manufacturing process.

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3D Druck in der Luft- und Raumfahrt von voxeljet

Aerospace industry

New industrial additive manufacturing processes are advancing the aircraft construction of tomorrow. Aircrafts of the future are becoming lighter and lighter. At the same time, production efficiency and manufacturing speed are increasingly becoming the focus of aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers. With no restrictions on individualization, lightweight construction and demanding or complex geometries.

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3D Druck in der Architektur von voxeljet


Resource efficiency, sustainability and digitalization are ushering in a new way of thinking in the construction industry. voxeljet additive manufacturing offers efficient data-driven production techniques that fit seamlessly into the end-to-end digital data chain of the Building Information Model (BIM). From the rapid 3D printing of architectural and functional models to the production of large-format complex concrete formwork.

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3D Druck in der Automobilindustrie von voxeljet

Automotive industry

Electromobility, hybrid drives, resource efficiency, sustainability and digitization are ushering in a sustainable transformation in the automotive industry. A development that will not only permanently change the car of tomorrow, but also the way it is built. As a pioneer in additive manufacturing in the 3D printing industry, voxeljet offers solutions to drastically reduce flexibility and response time in production.

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3D Druck in der Kunst von voxeljet

Art & Design

3D printed design models open up completely new possibilities for designers and artists to perfectly display and present their creative work and design solutions. Ideal to make small or large format 3D printing designs quickly comprehensible and to be able to examine them in detail from every perspective with minimal effort. Regardless of whether the individual case involves product design, finely detailed architectural models, or high-resolution film props.

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Polymer 3D-Druck von voxeljet

Footwear industry

The binder jetting process opens up new possibilities for bringing products to market faster. In addition, the process enables the material properties of the manufactured product or component to be influenced variably in all three dimensions. This can involve partial changes in the mechanical strength, elasticity, or material density of the product. Conventional components can thus be produced without special tools.

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