3D printing in art

Boundless creativity.

In industry, 3D printing has already established itself as an everyday tool. In addition, 3D printing also offers creative industries such as the fine arts new perspectives and potential. 3D printing completely opens up new possibilities in the creation of art objects.

The layer-by-layer construction of objects in 3D printing results in unprecedented geometric freedom. Artists can now design works using 3D printers without regard to their practical manufacturability: What can be printed is what is conceivable – whether in art casting, architecture, or sculpture. There are also virtually no limits to the size that can be realized. Current 3D printing systems also enable large-format 3D printing of fine art and sculptures.

Art lives from history and tradition, but even more from its changeability and constant development through the creative use of modern technologies. Let our customers and projects inspire you and discover the unlimited design freedom of 3D printing in art.

Benefits of 3D printing for the visual arts

Advantage of geometric and design freedom

Making the impossible possible

3D printing goes beyond the geometric limitations of conventional manufacturing processes and creates new freedom for product design: whatever is constructively conceivable can be printed. Whether new objects, sculptures, or replicas of valuable works.

Advantage of flexibility


From miniatures to life-size or even larger-than-life sculptures, everything is printed in one piece. 3D printed art can be scaled almost infinitely and combined with conventional manufacturing processes.

Advantage of precision

Precise in detail

State-of-the-art print head technology ensures that even the finest details and filigree structures can be reproduced with maximum precision. For perfect display, presentation, and the experience of creative work.

3D printing expands the dynamic creative dialogue between artist and artisan. There are hardly any limits to the ideas, but you still have to have them yourself. Only the implementation is no longer a hurdle.

Peter-Simon MühlhäuserHead of Sales, Marketing and InnovationsErnst Strassacker GmbH & Co. KG

voxeljet modernizes art casting

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3D printing for art casting

3D-printed molds and models can be used not only for industrial purposes, but also for artistic production.

By means of sand 3D printing, sculptures or other objects can be additively manufactured in large-format molds and further processed via the classic sand casting process. In addition to the possibility of limitless geometric construction, size now plays a minimal role. Depending on the artwork, multiple molds can be printed, cast, and welded.

3D-printed PMMA models made of very fine plastic powder are suitable for filigree works. They can then be integrated into the investment casting process in the same way as conventional wax patterns. With maximum precision, this form of 3D printing of art offers an ideal solution for highly complex and detailed art objects.

Patination of a sculpture

3D printing modernizes classic art casting

The Strassacker art foundry relies on additive manufacturing. Learn more about the role of 3D printing for art casting here.

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Patination of the individual castings of the Bonifazius Staute

Additive manufacturing as an artistic tool

Using the latest 3D printing technology, artist Bruno Wank created a unique 3.3-meter bronze statue of St. Boniface.

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Water jets of the sculpture castings

Artful 3D printing for Munich's Westpark

Binder jetting 3D printing technology gives artists design freedom in addition to scalability of shapes and surfaces.

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Webinar: Art Casting

In this webinar, the renowned German art foundry, Strassacker, will tell all about PMMA 3D printing technology and it’s applications in art casting.

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Immediate, detailed, perfect in form - 3D-printed works of art

Art at the push of a button? Sounds impossible at first, but additive manufacturing makes this a reality.

3D printers for artists produce direct, immediate results using CAD data. This allows artists to initiate fully digital creation processes and additively transfer their ideas to a real object. Whether to test a prototype, illustrate an initial design iteration, or immediately produce the completed artwork.

In this way, 3D printing specifically helps contemporary art unlock creative potential and make it tangible. Whether in sand, plastic, reworked or raw. Here, too, the boundaries of the possible are shifting toward a new era of artistic creation.

Art statue from the voxeljet 3D printer

Opportunities for artists

3D printing is ideal for large-scale and highly complex projects and offers completely new possibilities for artists.

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3D printed lamp from voxeljet

3D Printing for designers

From designer aluminum chairs to unique design lamps, 3D printing Binder Jetting enables new design possibilities.

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Art model from the voxeljet 3D printer

Sculpture from 3D printer

ETH Zurich shows how architecture can benefit from additive manufacturing and the potential behind 3D printing technology.

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