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Unlocking complexity through 3D printing of molds and cores

Peekay Steel Castings is among the biggest steel foundries in India, with a specialization in the production of large-format castings that weigh up to 15,000 kg. To leverage the advantages of 3D sand printing in these dimensions, Peekay Steel made an investment in VX4000, the world’s largest 3D sand printer.

In this webinar, COO Sabeeh Musliyarakath details the application of VX4000 in steel casting. The complete process chain and the advantages of additive manufacturing, including virtual prototyping, casting simulation, 3D printing and casting, will be demonstrated.

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About the speaker

Sabeeh Musliyarakath

Sabeeh Musliyarakath has held a position at Peekay Steel Castings for more than 20 years and has extensive experience in the foundry industry. As the Deputy General Manager and Chief Operating Officer (COO), he is specifically responsible for projects that focus on innovation, such as the creation of the Additive Manufacturing and Engineering Centre in Bengaluru, India.

In this webinar:

  • Discover the benefits of VX4000's production of large-format moulds and cores.
  • Explore how 3D printing is revolutionizing traditional steel casting processes.
  • Learn how digital workflows are enhancing product quality.
  • Additionally, learn why additive manufacturing is advantageous for sustainability targets.
  • Discover how 3D printing can bring your most complex concepts to life.

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