PMMA 3D printing for investment casting applications

Accelerate product development or manufacture filigree and high-performance lightweight components. 3D printed PMMA models can simplify investment casting workflows while reducing costs and lead times by up to 75%.

In this webinar, learn how customers in demanding industries such as aerospace, automotive, pump industries and artists are benefiting from 3D printed PMMA models and pushing the boundaries of geometric complexity in an economical way.

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Our Speaker

Aaron Howard, Sales Manager US

Aaron Howard is an engineer and additive manufacturing enthusiast with over seven years of experience at voxeljet. At voxeljet USA, he supports customers and projects in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to unique artists and their work. With his broad knowledge of 3D printing and demanding engineering projects, he leaves no questions about PMMA 3D printing unanswered.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The do's and don'ts in 3D modeling to complete a successful 3D print
  • all about our material sets for investment castings and their unique advantages
  • the full scope of the voxeljet PMMA Binder Jetting technology
  • the advantages 3D printing holds over conventional wax patterns
  • the dos and don’ts in 3D modeling for a successful 3D print.

Missed the webinar?

No Problem. You can rewatch the webinar right here, on demand. If the recording leaves any questions unanswered, just contact us. We’re happy to help.

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