Functional Models

With our High Speed Sintering (HSS) process, plastic parts with mechanical properties comparable to laser sintering or injection molded parts can be produced. The big advantages are the speed and scalability of the process, the variety of materials and the elimination of support structures.

In addition, voxeljet offers the sale of open 3D printers, with which customers can individually adjust the process parameters to their materials. 


  • Material variety:
    With the HSS process, a wide variety of polymers can already be printed. Among others PA12, PP, TPU, PEBA and also EVA.

  • Customizable:
    Modular software with custom macros and process data mining functions.

  • Productivity:
    Industrial print heads print the entire building platform in just one pass. 

  • Simple:
    Unprinted powder serves as a supporting structure, which eliminates the need for time-consuming post processing.

  • Quality assurance:
    A resolution of up to 360dpi enables precise edges and high-quality print results.

  • Grayscale:
    The volumetric ink input of the print heads can be variably controlled to define different target properties in one component.

Possible fields of application:

Explore how High Speed Sintering (HSS) technology is used in a wide range of applications:

  • Rapid Prototyping:
    Fast availability of first design iterations.

  • Production:
    Versatile and functional consumer parts.

  • Research and development:
    Open system for material development and qualification.

  • Textiles:
    Individualized shoe soles or orthopedic insoles.

  • Design:
    Detailed mock-ups, product packaging, furniture elements or interior fittings.

Technical data of our HSS process:

MATERIAL DATA Test Standard PA 12 PP*
Part density voxeljet method 1,0 g/cm³ 0,85 g/cm³
Tensile strength XY ISO 527 - 1A 45 MPa 27 MPa
Elongation at break XY ISO 527 - 1A 12 % 45 %
Tensile strength Z ISO 527 - 1A 30 MPa 25 MPa
Elongation at break Z ISO 527 - 1A 5 % 12 %
Young modulus ISO 527 - 1A 1173 MPa 984 MPa


*Various materials - availability on request. All data refer to fresh powder.

MATERIAL DATA Test Standard TPUs*  
Part density voxeljet method > 1 12 g/cm³
Tensile strength ISO 527 - 5A 3 - 7 MPa  
Elongation at break ISO 527 - 5A 200 - 500 %  
Shore hardness A ISO 868 ≥ 75  
Young Modulus ISO 527 - 5A 3 - 35 MPa  


*Various materials - availability on request. All data refer to fresh powder.

Material development for industrial 3D printing

Find out here how our long-standing partner Evonik uses the HSS process for material development.