Additive manufacturing with furan resin

Our 3D printing process Furan-Direct-Binding (FDB) is the ideal solution for the high standards of quality required by the foundry industry. With classic quartz sands and special sands such as Cerabeads, we offer you the right 3D solution for sand molds and cores of various formats and geometries.

In addition to furan resin, voxeljet also offers phenolic resins or inorganic binder systems.

Your advantages of 3D printing with furan resin:

  • Large printing capacity:
    Mold sizes of up to four meters possible.

  • Flexibility:
    The on-demand printing service from voxeljet allows you to order parts as and when required.

  • Material variety:
    We provide quartz sands with grain sizes of 140-250 µm as well as special sands such as Cerabeads.

  • Security: 
    With over 20 years of experience and in-house quality assurance, we ensure the highest part quality. 

Digital production of complex sand molds

See here how the foundry Wolfensberger uses our technology for the production of complex casting cores:

Technical data of our sandtypes and binder


  Silicia sand Cerabea  
Build platform up to 4000 x 2000 x 1000 up to 1500 x 750 x 700  
Type GS 14 / GS 19 / GS25 Cerabeads  
Medium grain size 140 / 190 / 250 µm 200 µm  
Application Molds and cores with high surface requirements, Cores with high gas permeability, highest gas permeability High thermal resistance, low thermal Extension, good packaging, good strength and surface, alternative to Chromite, Keraphalite or Zircone  
Layer thickness 300 / 300/400 / 300 µm 300 µm  


  Silicia sand Cerabeads
Binder-type Cold hardening Furan resin*  
Loss on ignition ≤ 1,9 Gew. %** ≤ 1,5 Gew. %**
Gas permeability ≥ 150  
Accuracy ± 0,1 % (min. ± 1,5 * layer thickness)  
Bending strength from 220 N/cm² ≥ 300 N/cm²


*only available as 3d print service at voxeljet service center.

**depending on sand types.