Have you got an idea that is additively manufacturable?

The AMable consortium offer periodic calls for proposals for innovative product ideas, with total funding up to €300,000 available to bring these ideas to reality (up to €60,000 per idea). The funding comes from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme.

As part of an open call, awarded SMEs will be provided with new connections to carry out application experiments for 3D printed functional products.

AMable has set out to support the uptake of Additive Manufacturing (AM) in industry and provide support to SMEs and mid-cap companies. Across all technologies from plastics through polymers to metals, AMable offers support for newcomers, enthusiasts and experts alike.

AMable is asking for innovative ideas that are economically and technologically viable, challenges connected to the product idea and how they can be resolved using AM, as well as the expected effort, e.g. consumables, printing and testing.

Have you got an idea for a part no-one else is making? Do you want to bring your idea to reality but lack the expertise to deliver it? Can it be created using additive manufacturing using plastic, polymers or metals?

The next call for submissions is open now, so visit the website or follow @amable_eu on Twitter. See some examples of previous successful case studies.

Please email voxeljet UK or telephone +44 (0) 1908 382 001 about the requirements prior to making a submission - we can help support you if you think you have a product that could be entered for Funding.