3D print for architectural models

The ability of architects to present the quality of their work in the most realistic and detailed light as possible is becoming increasingly important. Architectural models from 3D printers are the top choice in this regard, as shown by a project for a social centre in Ghana. After a heavy tropical storm had destroyed a public building, the Catholic diocese made  the decision to build a new social centre. This  trend-setting project was planned and designed by Wieland Schmidt.

Of course everyone in Ghana was curious as to what the new building complex would look like in detail. Therefore Wieland Schmidt decided to digitalise the building data and print out the entire social centre at the voxeljet service centre.

The architectural model of the social centre was printed with a richness of detail and precision that is the hallmark of voxeljet quality. Also, the excellent mechanical stability of the 3D prints ensured that the model withstood the long journey from Augsburg to Ghana without any damages," says Wieland Schmidt.

In fact, 3D printing is perfectly suited for this form of presentation.

With voxeljet’s new binder type Polypor C it’s possible to print purely white model´s, which meet the highest requirements in function, quality and design. This means that 3D printing is becoming even more attractive, particularly for architectural models and design studies.

The high-performance printer VX800 generated for Christ the King Social Center in plastic directly from CAD data on the basis of the so-called layer building method (dimensions 840 x 840 x 225 millimetres).

 Technical data

Total size   840 x 840 x 225 mm
Weight 11.4 kg
Individual pieces1
Material PMMA
Layer thickness  0.15 mm
Lead time 5 days
Build time 24 hours