Experience the world with 3D models

"When we received the inquiry about creating plastic models for three important Soest landmarks, which would subsequently be cast in bronze, our aim was to create models that are as precise and true-to-detail as possible - hence this project was tailor-made for the precision printers at our service centre," says Rudolf Franz, CFO of voxeljet technology.

The visually impaired can touch and feel the bronze models to obtain a detailed impression of the shapes and surfaces of the buildings. Once the data for the buildings was available, the voxeljet 3D printers started the fully-automated assembly of the buildings using the layer building method. The process gradually yielded the Osthofentor, the Wiesenkirche and the Patroklidom. 

Speciality foundry Strassacker, which created the high-quality casts of the bronze models, was very impressed with the models' quality and depth of detail. The three bronze models have now arrived at their destination and form a part of the tourism experience in Soest's downtown area for the blind and visually impaired. Braille tablets that provide a brief explanation about the building are placed beside the bronze models.

Technical data

Total size765 x 549 x 344 mm924 x 749 x 715 mm  546 x 273 x 256 mm 
Weight  3.15 kg7.84 kg 1.47 kg 
Individual pieces18 1
Layer thickness  0.15 mm0.15 mm 0.15 mm
Lead time 10 days5-10 days 5 days
Build time19 hours70 hours 12 hours