Reverse engineering of a six-cylinder Hispano-engine

The engineers of LF lngénierier had a delicate task:
the reconstruction of the aluminum engine block of a 76 years old Hispano Suiza K6.Reverse engineering breathes life back into a Hispano six-cylinder engine.

Creating something old from something new. It was just what the doctor had ordered, or rather what Carrosserie Lecoq ordered from LF Ingénierie, a small Nice-based company that specialises in state-of-the-art mechanical engineering design and production projects. The challenge presented by the car renovation specialist was to build an identical Hispano Suiza K6 1933 aluminum engine block within only a few months. 

Ravaged by the passing of time and successive restoration attempts, restoring the original aluminum six-cylinder block was impossible. In fact, a last attempt using deposition welding was the last nail in the engine's coffin! The only solution was to build another using the lost wax casting technique

The first stage was “to build a CAD model of the block in SolidWorks,“ says Alpha Camara from LF Ingénierie.

The rebuilt CAD model

The 3D model was then completed with elements specific to the lost wax casting process, which were discovered by “reading” the piece, its gasket faces, faults and chaplet marks, etc.

In less than two weeks, working 15 hours a day, the digital model to be made out of wax was ready. voxeljet France, a specialist in the fast production of prototypes, produced the piece in 48 hours before it was sent to the foundry for coating and immediate casting.  

The finished block, ready for machining

Finally, a few days later, the blank was machined in the workshops of LF Ingénierie in Nice. In parallel to the casting process, Alpha Camara also created the production documents for the machining operations, which took place after casting. A small tip from the expert: “I used a simplified model, which is easier to handle in HSMWorks,“ he explains.

Polishing of the casing

The bet was won! “Between the moment the order was received to the block's delivery, three months elapsed,“ says Alpha Camara. It was just in time to be displayed at the Rétromobile Show last February alongside the restored Hispano.

Technical data:

Total size 860 x 438 x 364 mmTotal size 860 x 438 x 364 mm
Weight 8 kgWeight 23 kg
Individual piecesMaterial Aluminum
Material PMMALead time  3 weeks
Layer thickness 0.15 mm 
Lead time  5-10 days
Build time  24 hours