3D printing for foundries

3D printing with voxeljet helps foundries to provide perfect casting solutions in both sand and investment casting, due to the use of common foundry materials. These inculde traditional silica sands, PMMA and suitable binder systems (furan, phenol and inorganic binders).

All castable light-weight and heavy-weight metals can be processed with quality, comparable to series production and with the same handling. Complex geometries can be realized precisely and time-efficiently with 3D printing. Multiple components can also be joined together to reduce the number of required casting molds and cores. The advantage: it not only reduces the number of parts but also saves foundries effort both before and after casting.

Particularly practical:  a hybrid approach enables conventionally produced sand casting molds to be combined with complex 3D-printed cores. This enables more efficient product and tool development and optimization than conventional methods.