In order to continue to grow successfully, we are looking for talented and committed colleagues. In addition to a motivated working environment, we offer you the prospect of personal and professional development. And of course the chance to become part of the next industrial revolution.

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As one of the world’s innovation and technology drivers for sophisticated 3D printing solutions in industrial production environments, we are constantly looking for qualified specialists for exciting positions with a lot of responsibility and creative freedom. To work with us to exceed the high demands of our customers.

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As a very young and fast growing company, we offer young talents many opportunities to get to know our company and to find a start in their professional life. In addition, we naturally also offer you the opportunity to write your bachelor thesis on one of our projects.

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Are you interested in a position at voxeljet or would you like to do an internship in our company? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about applications and career:

What is the best way to apply?
The easiest way is to apply using the application form. The application documents should be attached as PDF files. We also accept applications by mail. Unfortunately, we cannot accept oral applications.

Which documents should be attached?
Complete application documents include a cover letter, a current resume, work references, a diploma, and relevant certificates and attestations. For students, a certificate of academic achievement is also an advantage.

Can I apply for several positions at once?
Yes, it is possible to apply for several positions at once. To do so, just give us a short note in your cover letter that you are also interested in another position.

Are the advertised positions still available?
Yes, all positions on our website are still available.

How do I apply for a job abroad?
The same applies here – send us your complete application documents. We will forward the application documents to the respective contact person.

Who is my contact person?
Ms. Jana Hörmann will answer all your questions about personnel recruiting and marketing at +49821 7483-108.

Is there a maximum file size for application documents?
In general, the file should not be larger than 5 MB, otherwise we might not receive your documents.

How do I find out whether my application documents have been received?
As soon as we have received your application documents, you will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail. If this is not the case, we have not received your documents. In this case we ask you to contact us again.

Can I withdraw my application?
You can withdraw your application at any time. A short e-mail or a phone call is sufficient for this.

What happens with my personal data?
For the processing of the application procedure we collect personal data from applicants. This data is stored for the purpose of the employment relationship when a contract of employment is concluded.

If we are unable to consider your application, your data will be deleted at the latest 6 months after filling the advertised position or, in the case of unsolicited applications, 6 months after receipt of the application.

An exception to this rule is made if we have to keep the application documents, for example, for the duty of proof in proceedings relating to the General Equal Opportunities Act or if there are other legitimate interests. If we should include application documents in our application pool for a longer period of time, we will ask you for your consent.

When will I receive feedback?
As a rule, we try to give you initial feedback within 2-3 weeks of the confirmation of receipt. During vacation periods, the period can also vary slightly, although we always inform applicants in case of delays in the selection process.

How long does the training at voxeljet last?
Training for industrial clerks (m/f/d) usually takes 3 years.
The training for mechatronics engineers (m/f/d) usually lasts 3.5 years.
Training as an IT specialist for system integration (m/f/d) usually lasts 3 years.

What type of training is offered at voxeljet?
We offer dual training, i.e. parallel training in the company and vocational school.

Is there a working time regulation for pupils and students at voxeljet?
voxeljet complies with the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Youth Protection Act. Accordingly, there are binding regulations within the company, for example for working hours and lunch breaks for underage trainees.

Can I write my thesis at voxeljet?
In general, this is quite possible if your course of study is suitable for our company. Please also apply for possible theses. It is important that you state the period of time for your thesis and a topic or subject area. Only then can we check with the specialist departments whether we can supervise the thesis

Do you offer dual study programs?
Currently we do not offer dual courses of study.

Is there a working time regulation for pupils and students at voxeljet?
voxeljet complies with the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Youth Protection Act. Accordingly, there are binding regulations within the company, for example for working hours and lunch breaks for underage trainees.

For what duration are internships offered?
We always accept students for internships. The duration of mandatory internships is determined by the respective university. We offer voluntary internships for career orientation up to a duration of 3 months.

Are there fixed starting dates for internships?
Internship semesters are usually tied to the semesters at the universities. There are no fixed starting dates for voluntary internships. They are individually coordinated.

Do you offer student internships?
Yes, we offer student internships in technical and commercial areas. We ask you to note the designated internship weeks. We can only supervise compulsory internships at schools to a very limited extent. Please contact us briefly about this.

Can I send an unsolicited application for an internship?
Yes, you can submit an unsolicited application for internships. We will then check the demand in the departments internally.

What additional services does voxeljet offer employees?
In addition to your regular salary, we subsidize both capital-forming benefits and a company pension scheme. You also have the opportunity to eat at a reduced price in a nearby business restaurant. voxeljet offers its employees free coffee and fresh fruit every day. As a family-friendly employer, we also subsidize childcare and are open to various part-time models.

What are the opportunities for further development at voxeljet?
As an innovative company, we support employees in their further development wishes as far as possible. Our employees always have opportunities for further development. Thanks to an internal training academy, we can offer a wide range of training courses for our employees.

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