Complex concrete Formwork - with 3D printing

Sustainability and digitization play an increasingly role in the construction industry. 3D printing of formwork elements for concrete casting not only helps to save resources, but also time and costs. voxeljet´s binder jetting technology can be used e.g. to 3D-print 21 mm thin formwork skins which can then be combined with conventional wooden formwork systems. This hybrid approach ensures maximum cost-effectiveness. Another advantage: complexity no longer plays a role. Curvatures, detailed facades or undercuts can be realized without any problems.


  • Extremely accurate formwork for up to ten times faster assembly on site.
  • Three-dimensional curved and complex elements can be printed quickly and cost-effectively as a 21 mm formwork skin.
  • Can be used as a hybrid with conventional formwork
  • Consistent digital data processing guarantees components that correspond in detail to the digital model.
  • Due to the use of weather-resistant materials, external influences have no impact on the quality of the formwork.
  • Depending on the geometry, the formwork can be reused.
  • Tried and tested construction processes remain unaltered and material properties remain unchanged.
  • Complex facades, textures, logos, etc. can be easily displayed using 3D printing.


  • Excellent strength and stability.
  • voxeljet elements withstand formwork pressures of up to 100 kN/m².
  • 21 mm thin formwork skins can be combined with conventional formwork.
  • Average grain sizes of 140 µm and layer thicknesses of 300 µm for high resolution and precision.