Additive manufacturing of sand casting molds

With the 3D printing technology "Binder Jetting", we enable our customers to produce sand molds and cores for metal casting without the need for tools. This innovative process offers the foundry industry an economical solution for the fast and flexible production of prototypes, spare parts and small to medium series.

The use of foundry-standard materials such as silica or special sands and complementary binders ensures optimum casting results.

Our 3D printing process:

Binder Jetting is a 3D printing process in which powder material is applied in layers on the building platform and is then selectively bonded according to CAD data.

The advantages of additive manufacturing:

  • Geometric and Design freedom:
    Due to the layer-by-layer bonding of the sand, complex cores can be simplified and shapes including undercuts can be created in one piece, without tools.

  • Cost efficiency:
    Especially for prototypes, single pieces and small series, the additive production of sand molds pays off. Since no tooling is required for 3D printing, the cost of its manufacture is also eliminated.

  • Part reduction:
    With additive manufacturing, complex parts can be combined by 3D printing to reduce the number of molds necessary. Due to the digital mold design, the gating system can be digitally integrated into the mold for rapid casting.

  • Flexibility and time saving:
    Get your molds when you need them. Our service makes it possible. After cleaning, the molds can be used directly for metal casting.

  • Hybrid assembly:
    Use our technology in combination with your production processes by printing complex sand cores and combining them with your conventional molds.

  • Risk reduction:
    Minor changes to a workpiece quickly cause unplanned costs and a high expenditure of time. With 3D printing, you can digitally adapt your shape and print it cost-effectively.

Learn more about our material sets

We can provide you with the right material set. A variety of sands and binders are available for your application. Learn more here: