3D printing with sand: Fast and economical casting molds

3D printing systems by voxeljet create sand molds and cores for metal casting quickly and cost-effectively. During the printing process, silica sand is applied in layers and then selectively bonded with a binder, until the desired part has been created. Depending on the use and application, the customer can choose between various binders and sand types to achieve optimum casting results. For the production of sand molds, voxeljet’s binder jetting technology works with standard foundry binder systems used for casting, such as furan and phenolic resins, as well as inorganic binders. This tool-free process is perfectly suited for the production of prototypes, single and medium batch sizes or the optimization of parts. Large formats of up to 4 metres in length, 2 metres in width and one metre in height are also possible.

More information about our materials and binder systems can be found here: