Printed living room

Designer François Brument´s rooms, walls, furniture items become one and can be freely defined by the designer and builder without any restrictions.

He was very excited about the technical possibilities offered by 3D print technology, and after extensive discussions with voxeljet's experts, it was clear that the Augsburg-based company could provide the perfect solution for his project. The visionary was particularly impressed with the large-format VX4000 printer at the voxeljet service centre, which can print very large molds with a maximum volume of eight cubic metres. These systems are predestined for the building of complete living spaces.

Designer François Brument takes a close look at the possibilities of digital design. In this context, the designer also aims for integrated digital production processes when it comes to the creation of living spaces. He breaks with traditional approaches in which architecture, interior design and furnishings form separate self-enclosed areas. Brument melds these areas into one unit. Rooms, walls, furniture items become one and can be freely defined by the designer and builder without any restrictions whatsoever. With this revolutionary approach, the star designer opens up a new chapter in the design of living spaces.

He underlines the hitherto unimaginable opportunities of this approach with his carte blanche project 'Habitat imprimé' (printed living space), which is the result of a collaborative effort with Sonia Laugier. The exhibit on display is a real model of a bedroom with integrated shower and walk-in closet, which visualises the possibilities of an integrated production of living quarters over 15 square metres. The room can be divided as required, shelves can be integrated into walls, surfaces can be structured in any manner desired – the restrictions that formerly set limits to the creativity of builders, architects and designers have been removed. The future design of living spaces knows no bounds.

Technical data

Total size  4,650 x 1,400 x 2,200 mm 
Weight 700 kg
Individual pieces53
Material PMMA
Layer thickness  0.15 mm
Lead time  4 days
Build time 375 hours