New freedoms for architects and artists

The extent to which architects, artists and sculptors can benefit from the possibilities of 3D printing is demonstrated by the EUROPE project of Professor Dr. Tomasz Matusewicz. With EUROPE the Polish academic, who has also made a name for himself as an artist, focuses on the issue of identity, which constantly recurs in his work. The idea behind this work of art is to create in the Internet a virtual symbolic place that unites Europeans irrespective of their multi-nationality.

Thanks to the capabilities of 3D printing, the project has been able to take tangible shape, at least in model scale. The plastic model generated by a voxeljet VX800 HP printer shows EUROPE exactly as the artist conceived it. The model has come up with great richness of detail and high precision. The 3D printing was able to convince Dr. Matusewicz in terms of the spatial representation and the aesthetic proportions of his work. Moreover, the plastic model is ideally suited for presentation purposes.

"The technology of three-dimensional printing allows certain projects to become reality that were previously very difficult or even impossible to complete. It brings new freedoms to architects and artists, but also to many students at colleges and universities," says Dr. Tomasz Matusewicz.


Design Pattern


Production of person


Light, invisible Modifilationen optimized for 3D printing

Technical data

Total size   500 x 200 x 135 mm
Individual pieces1
Layer thickness  0.15 mm
Lead time 5 days
Build time 9 hours