voxeljet Academy

As a leading manufacturer and operator of 3D-printing systems, voxeljet has gathered a unique technological know-how over the last decades. We are committed to share this knowledge and to provide individual trainings to our global customers to help them get the best out of their systems and parts. The expertise gained will give you decisive advantages while working with your 3D-printing system.

At voxeljet we know that the system operators are the key to the successful operation of our systems. This is the reason our knowledge transfer is based on the latest training methods including theoretical and practical sessions. With voxeljet’s training programs you will gain the necessary knowledge to ensure your goals regarding productivity, process optimization and system as well as part quality, which are not just met but exceeded.

Main topics

  • Practical training for machine operators, designers and engineers
  • Training of the entire process chain:
    • 3D-printing basics → materials → system components → operation → maintainance → pre- and postprocessing → optimization
  • Training for new and existing customers and for everybody who is interested in 3D printing technology
  • Individual training schedules tailored for each customer´s needs
  • Training with theoretical and practical exercises
  • Training execution either at customer site or in voxeljet training center in Friedberg, Germany

Fields of knowledge

Target groups

Engineers, designers, machine operators



Up to 5 people