High Speed sintering (HSS) 3D printing service

Components Made Quickly & Easily

At voxeljet UK, we offer a 3D print service using a High Speed Sintering (HSS) process to help you create high-quality components made with Polyamide-12 (PA12), also known as Nylon.

PA12 is a versatile plastic-type material that can be used to produce a range of prototypes, such as clamps, shoe soles, buckles and other sample parts or mock-ups, with no limitations on complexity. Products made using PA12 (Nylon) can also be used in car interiors or for product packaging.


  • Part sizes up to 290 mm, or as small as 0.5mm
  • Great dimensional accuracy and strength
  • Lead times as fast as 3 days
  • Constant layer times, thus highly accurate parts
  • Easy to create thick walls and heavy parts 


PA12 Nylon has a number of potential applications, including:

  • Versatile and fully functional prototypes
  • Material development in educational institutions and research facilities
  • Development of consumer products, e.g. packaging design, housing for electronics
  • Design models for architecture, interior fittings, furniture parts, mock-ups
  • Interior design, gear shift levers, ventilation flaps, cockpit components for automotive and aerospace industries

About voxeljet UK

We’re the UK’s leading industrial 3D printing service provider with 20 years’ experience for rapid and cost-effective production for foundries and related industries. We have one of the highest capacities in the UK and offer 3D print services in both sand and investment casting and High-Speed Sintering (HSS).


We are always happy to advise you about various possibilities of PA12 3D printing for your requirements. Please get in touch and find out how voxeljet can help you.