VX1000 HSS – The manufacturing solution for polymer 3D printing

The VX1000 HSS is a high performance 3D printing system for polymers. The system’s large building volume 1000 x 540 mm and high speed makes it suitable for the industrial, additive manufacturing of plastic parts in high volumes and offers a unique alternative to conventional injection molding.

Benefits of our VX1000 HSS

  • Low cost per item:
    The high performance recoating and print head technology reduce building time and costs per part.

  • Material flexibility:
    Compatible with a range of HSS materials (Standard: PA12, on request: PP, TPU, individual materials only after successful material testing) and available for customization to your own material.*

  • Integration:
    Made to fit into your existing production environment. 

  • Automation:
    With our selection of partners, we can adapt modular post-processing workflow individually to the customer's requirements.

* Available if the material has been tried and test in our Material Certification Lab.

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Scope of applications:

  • 3D printing of polymer components in large quantities.

  • Processing of your specific material.*

  • Printing of large parts up to 1000 mm.

  • Additive manufacturing of plastic parts that cannot be economically reproduced by injection molding.

  • Series production of function-optimized part geometries.

* Available if the material has been tested in our Material Certification Lab.