The VX200 HSS – The Ultimate R&D platform for polymer sintering

The VX200 HSS is a compact, industrial 3D printing system for the additive manufacturing of polymer powders. Designed for research and development, the system is particularly suitable for developing new material sets for the High Speed Sintering process but can also handle production tasks.

Benefits of the VX 200 HSS

  • Process monitoring:
    The open system allows for individual control of settings and process parameters.

  • Customization:
    Configurable temperature management for adaption to various materials.

  • Material diversity:
    High level of flexibility and variety of materials.

  • Flexibility:
    Made for simple and fast materials' changeover. 

  • Security: 
    Can be securely run offline to help your IP.

Scope of applications:

  • With its Open-Source-Software ProPrint, the system is ideally suited for freely developing materials.

  • The High Speed Sintering process is well suited for high volume production parts, thick walls and flexible materials offering a cost effective solution compared to SLS and FDM solutions.

  • With a full job completed in under 12 hours a new print job can be printed every day and each job will offer a comprehensive set of analytical data and the ability to change very process setting. 

  • Customers are already using this technology in footwear, lighting, automotive and general service center showing the versatility of our High Speed Sintering.

Technical Data

Build space LxBxH290 x 140 x 180 mm
Medium grain size55 um - 1 mm
Layer thickness              > 80 μm (adjustable)
Print resolution x, y360 dpi