voxeljet - your partner for productivity in industrial 3D printing

voxeljet is a leading manufacturer of industrial 3D printing systems for producing molds and models without tools. voxeljet has offices in Germany, the United States, the U.K., India and China.

voxeljet has a well-coordinated product range, from small research models to large-format industrial machines, and can therefore offer the perfect 3D printing system for virtually any application.

voxeljet also produces sand molds and plastic models on demand, based on CAD data, in its advanced service centers. Our customers include prominent automobile manufacturers and their suppliers, foundries, design departments and artists.

Continuous innovation for the best solution

We believe in making changes to product development processes and manufacturing methods, modifications that increase efficiency and effectiveness—and strengthen our customers on the global market. We want to actively contribute to this goal by continuously further developing innovative 3D systems.

We want to shape the future. We therefore seek not only a solution for our customers but the very best one: intelligent and innovative ideas that constantly raise the technological standard one level higher. We draw inspiration and enthusiasm from new ideas, tasks and technologies.

Our name stands for dynamic technology

Voxel expresses the smallest possible volume elements that can be represented in three-dimensional space, comparable to the pixels in printing technology. Jet comes from the word "inkjet," which is our key technology. In combination, "voxeljet" stands for the inkjet-based 3D printing process. Nozzles are used to apply a chemical binder. Unlike laser-based systems, this process is designed for size and speed and helps make you both more flexible and more productive.