voxeljet Customer online Seminar

September 24th, 2020

Additive Manufacturing and its influence on tomorrow's production. An insight into the voxeljet technologies.

Our industrial world today faces a number of challenges. Either the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic or future trends such as lightweight construction, resource efficiency or supply chain optimization. In this year's Customer online seminar we would like to address precisely these challenges. How can 3D printing revolutionize value chains? How can it secure new competitive advantages for traditional metal casting? How important is the development of new materials for the additive manufacturing of polymers? 

Let our in-house experts and exciting guest speakers from various industries inspire you at this year's Customer Webinar. Learn how additive manufacturing can help you master your challenges and optimize your production.

The following presentations await you:


2:00 PM CEST - Polymer High Speed Sintering

Full flexibility with High Speed Sintering - all about high performance 3D printing of polymers

Jan Kemnitze (Fraunhofer IPA) and Tobias GrĂ¼n (voxeljet)

The rise of additive manufacturing of polymers is undeniable. But what is the point of mastering the interaction between material and machine? The Fraunhofer Institute uses high-speed sintering technology and the possibilities for polymer qualification to expand the range of materials and applications. You will gain an insight into the process and the resulting potential of HSS technology.

3:00 PM CEST - Investment casting

New potential of PMMA patterns for investment casting 

Jack Ziemba (Aristo-Cast) and Aaron Howard (voxeljet)  

For a long time, investment casting was limited in its possibilities of design freedom to conventional moulding techniques. With the help of our PMMA process, Aristo-Cast, a highly decorated investment casting company from the USA, is able to implement even the most complex lightweight construction projects efficiently and economically. In this presentation you will learn more about the future of investment casting and future components.

4:00 PM CEST - Sand casting

New binder systems in 3D sand printing

Jenny Mauguen (Avio Aero) and Matthias Steinbusch (voxeljet)

3D printing has been used in sand casting for decades. The technology also offers many advantages to the aerospace industry in terms of optimizing value chains and individual components. Avio Aero, as an aerospace supplier, is increasingly focusing on the use of additive technologies to further develop aviation in a more sustainable and efficient way. You can find out how this works here.