High Speed Sintering Webinar

September 9th, 2020, 3:00 PM CEST

Additive polymer manufacturing and its influence on the production of tomorrow.

The fact that 3D printing is well established in investment and sand casting should be well known by now. But can additive manufacturing also prove its worth in other sectors and industries? Yes! Our High Speed Sintering (HSS) process can produce fully functional polymer parts for a wide range of applications.

This makes it possible to produce prototypes and small to medium series at low cost within a few days. Whether apparently simple protective visor mounts in the fight against COVID-19 or complex shoe soles for everyday use, the HSS process can be used to produce models with full complexity and a wide range of strength levels.

The following topics await you at the presentation:

  • High Speed Sintering Process
    How does voxeljet`s HSS process work and what is the difference to other additive polymer processes?

  • Materials
    Gain insight into materials that are currently in use and further ones in development.

  • Machines
    Learn about our 3D printing systems for additive polymer manufacturing - the VX200 HSS and VX1000 HSS.

  • Applications
    Learn more about possible applications of printed polymer parts and customer success stories. 

We look forward to your registration - stay healthy!