3D printing for the aerospace industry

3D printing offers the aerospace industry decisive competitive advantages: above all through lightweight construction, functional enhancements and the combination of several components. 3D printing optimizes production, preserves resources and enables more powerful components to be produced quickly and easily. Optimized cast components combine a stable shape with reduced weight. The positive result: lower fuel consumption and Carbon Dioxide emissions.

3D printing is an extremely powerful tool for producing more functional and lighter components - especially in combination with simulation and topology optimization. In addition, 3D printing technology for additive designs can increase component durability. This would not be possible with direct metal printing processes due to dimensional limitations.

Typical areas of application: complex assemblies (gearboxes and drive housings, impellers and pumps) can be produced cost-efficiently using cast parts.

The aerospace sector is one of the most innovative industrial fields. Development departments put in much effort to push forth new inventions. Therefore we regard it as a matter of course keeping an extensive confidentiality policy in relation to our clients’ projects.This is why we can only exemplarily provide case studies for the aviation section. We hope for your understanding.