Bronze Model

Design from a 3D Printer

Houses built with 3D printers are a hot topic of discussion around the world right now. Similarly, much is also happening in this area in the US. The American artist Ioan Florea purports to be the first person in the US to have created an entire house using 3D printing. In addition, the sculptor, who hails from Romania and who has already created an entire car using 3D printing, wants to print not just the house itself, but also furniture and appliances. 

The concept of the printed house comes with several unique features. The house is based on individual models printed with a 3D printer, which Florea combines using a method that he has developed, so that they appear as if made from one single cast. Then the entire wall elements are covered with liquid metal. The result is a unique and spectacular design that creates the impression that the entire house is made of molten metal.

To build this project, which consists of individual molds of different sizes, Florea needed individual models of a size that cannot be accommodated on standard printers. During his search for a provider of large-scale molds he got in touch with the voxeljet service center in Friedberg near Augsburg. voxeljet is not just known for the on-demand manufacture of models, but also as a manufacturer of industrial 3D printers. The largest printer platform – the VX4000 – can print components of a volume of up to eight cubic meters. 

"I really enjoyed working with the voxeljet team. They had no problems printing the largest models for my project, and the staff was very enthusiastic about my ideas. voxeljet's commitment and rapid delivery enabled me to adhere to a very tight schedule," emphasizes Florea.