Agnes - Manager Purchasing

“I appreciate that we are the interface that everyone at voxeljet deals with.”

“With enough commitment and interest, as well as structured and solution-oriented work, you can make it very far in your professional life,” motivates Agnes. She herself is the best proof of that. Agnes began her career at voxeljet about seven years ago, after previously completing a commercial apprenticeship and earning a Fachwirt at the IHK.

As Manager Purchasing, Agnes has been responsible for purchasing materials and services since 2022. But that is by no means all that her varied work entails.

A varied job

In addition to her operational work, she has also taken on a number of strategic projects, particularly in recent months. These included, for example, the evaluation and selection of suppliers. As an executive, she was responsible for and coordinated the purchasing group, evaluated parts lists and participated in process optimization.

Although she is not responsible for inventory control, Agnes also makes a point of inspecting the ordered materials herself to better understand the technical background, especially in mechanical engineering.

Daily challenges

The long delivery times for electrical components are always a problem that has to be solved so that the ordered materials reach the customers on time and the colleagues in mechanical engineering can assemble the machines as planned. Then it’s up to Agnes to find alternatives to existing products, prioritize projects even more precisely and maintain a close exchange with the relevant departments. In addition, as Manager Purchasing, she orders almost all the requirements that arise in the company and is therefore in close contact with many colleagues every day. “I think it’s great that we are the interface that everyone at voxeljet has to deal with,” Agnes is pleased to say.

“We are a diverse team and because we have different characters and areas of responsibility, it is always interesting to see how different the challenges are in each area,” says Agnes. That’s why it’s especially important to her that regular team meetings are held to exchange information about the status of various projects.

We often have to come up with a suitable solution quickly, and that's what makes the day-to-day work so exciting - no two days are the same.

Agnes KranzbergerManager Purchasing

Teamwork is key

She is supported by a team of six, each of whom orders a specific group of goods. Together, they ensure material availability for assembly, negotiate terms and conditions with suppliers and check offers with regard to costs, delivery times and quality. The team also identifies alternative sources of supply and determines requirements on the basis of current production planning.

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