Morhaf - Training as a mechatronics engineer

“Participate instead of watching is the motto in the state-of-the-art apprenticeship workshop, and that’s with a great team.”

It takes a lot to leave one’s home country from one day to the next without knowing when one will return or when one will find a new home. Courage, perseverance, diligence and a constant look ahead are just a few of the many qualities needed to look for a new opportunity and to seize it when it presents itself. Morhaf has done that.

Seven years ago, he left his native Syria to seek a new life in Germany away from the war. And he has found it.

A departure, no certainty, a goal

In 2013, Morhaf completed his vocational baccalaureate in electrical engineering and systems in Syria and then wanted to start studying the same subject. But his plans and the life he had envisioned for himself after school were taken away from him by the start of the civil war. In 2015, he made the difficult decision to leave Syria and embarked on a journey to Germany.

After months on the run, he landed in Augsburg. He attended vocational school, which gave him a well-deserved routine and a long-awaited sense of a daily routine after the hardships. He also worked intensively on his German and completed an internship for metal technology at the IHK, which rekindled his enthusiasm for technology and mechatronics.

Mechatronics - Participate instead of watching

At the “Fit for Job” training fair in 2018, he met voxeljet and examined the 3D-printed components at the booth. At that time, the technology as well as the benefits of the trainees convinced him to pursue an apprenticeship in the additive manufacturing industry and to apply for a traineeship as a mechatronics engineer.

Today, Morhaf has successfully completed his training with top marks. He was particularly fascinated by the insights into the different departments and the work in the internal training workshop. Here, the motto is “join in instead of watching”. In the fully equipped, state-of-the-art training workshop, the mechatronics trainees are prepared and trained for the job from day one by a full-time instructor.

Morhaf was already able to see a lot during his apprenticeship and work closely with colleagues on the machines. He particularly appreciated the many practical opportunities away from theoretical basics and school desks and the chance to work directly on the machines. This included classic mechanical engineering, running in and preparing newly built 3D printers before they are delivered to the customer, or the delicate precision mechanics in the print head lab.

Now I can put the skills I learned during my training into practice and work in the technical environment I dreamed of.

Morhaf AlkhalafUpscale & Application

Transfer to the dream job

At voxeljet there are many opportunities for further development after the apprenticeship and so Morhaf was also taken on as part of the Upscale & Application Team in Mechanical Engineering in 2022. He is working on scaling and optimizing the 3D printers to more productive systems, but also bringing them in for customer installation . “Now I can put the skills I learned in training into practice and work in the technical environment I dreamed of working in” Morhaf tells us.

“I would like to thank my trainer and all my colleagues for the eventful time we spent together” says Morhaf. But also we at voxeljet are grateful for your trust, your diligence and your effort. We are looking forward to further cooperation!

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