Mission M

Redefining additive mass production

As a company, we strive to redefine additive manufacturing through 3D printing. Our innovative 3D printing solutions pave the way for tomorrow’s design and production.

We complement conventional manufacturing methods with customized and demand-driven solutions, maximizing freedom of action and cost-effectiveness in additive series production. We are not going down this path alone – together with market leaders and leading research partners, we are already successfully implementing the series maturity of 3D printing.

In the age of Industry 4.0, in which individual mass production is becoming more and more important, industrial 3D printing comes as it is called. Whether aerospace, automotive or architecture, additive manufacturing is establishing itself as a cost- and time-saving manufacturing technology in more and more industries.


We are courageous, creative and efficient. We aspire to push the boundaries of what is possible and set new standards. We demand and promote a rethinking of industrial manufacturing towards sustainable and resource-conserving work.


We strive to develop innovative, sustainable and inspiring technologies and solutions that meet the requirements of our customers and our responsibility towards climate-friendly production.


Our commitment is reflected in our communicative, determined and service-oriented approach. Our ultimate goal is to provide technology that grows and matures in its importance, productivity and capabilities together with future generations.

Not fiction, but already reality

Our corporate vision has long since ceased to be a mere pipe dream. Through passion, innovation and cohesion, we have redefined additive series manufacturing. In the following sections, you can read about the concrete benefits and application possibilities our expertise offers you.

Sand Printing

Foundries and OEMs from a wide range of industries appreciate the advantages of 3D-printed sand casting models. With build volumes of up to 8 m³, prototypes, small and medium series can be realized cost-effectively within a very short time using 3D sand printing and our customers are already producing them with the help of our technology. The finished parts benefit from higher complexity and consolidated components compared to conventionally manufactured models. Find out which advantages sand casting offers for your applications.

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