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Beta Program VX1000 HSS

Faster and more flexible additive manufacturing. MISSION M stands for our mission as innovation leader and pioneer to sustainably establish additive manufacturing technologies in modern industrial mass production. With the VX1000 HSS, voxeljet has created a high-performance 3D printing system for additive manufacturing of polymers in continuous industrial production.

Automatable and highly productive, the VX1000 HSS represents for the first time an economically viable alternative to conventional plastic injection molding processes, even for long runs.

With the potential to change established paradigms in mass production and thus usher in a new era of series production. Especially for complex or variant-rich polymer components. As a voxeljet HSS 1000 beta program partner, become part of the exclusive group of innovative companies that are first movers in ushering in the next quantum leap in industrial production.

Your advantages as a first mover in the voxeljet HSS 1000 Beta Partner Program

  • As an HSS Beta Program Partner, you get exclusive access to the latest 3D manufacturing technology that paves the way for the plastics industry to make the next quantum leap in production.
  • Enjoy premium support from voxeljet to customize, optimize and integrate the machine to your specific processes and production circumstances. With direct developer support at hardware and software level.
  • Produce even the most complex structures and geometries in one piece without costly and time-consuming mold making. Reproducible in the highest precision and edge sharpness. In any desired quantity and batch mix.
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VX1000 HSS Expert Talk

In this workshop, we will interview the head of the voxljet HSS team and talk in detail about our VX1000 HSS for serial 3D polymer printing.

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The goal ofHigh Speed SinteringBeta Partner Program

With the VX1000 HSS, voxeljet has created a 3D printing platform that opens up new dimensions for additive manufacturing in every respect. Intelligent, networked and digitized, it impresses with the highest level of traceability and process reliability. Equipped with numerous sensors, it is perfectly prepared for the smart production chains of tomorrow. Fully automated, it is capable of producing medium and large batch sizes in series with virtually no interruptions and a minimum of manpower. Resource-saving and extremely cost-efficient. With a DNA to disruptively change the mass production of polymer components.

The aim of the HSS Beta Partner Program is to put the excellent values of the VX1000 HSS through its paces in everyday production. To put every detail and every function to the test and to perfectly adapt and further develop it to the needs of our customers in practice. To prove that Additive Manufacturing is capable of meeting the high demands of tomorrow’s industrial mass production in all respects. Day after day – around the clock.

First mover advantage

You get preferential access to the latest technologies and features of the VX 1000 HSS platform and secure a competitive advantage with 9-12 months before the market rollout.

Direct expert access

In close cooperation with our team of experts, platform and processes are optimized to your individual requirements. Especially in terms of part quality and unit costs.

System parameterization

As a voxeljet Beta Program Partner, you automatically receive VIP service support. This also saves you valuable time with perfect support for optimizing system parameters.

The VX1000 HSS at a glance

  • sustainably reduced unit costs per part
  • fast ROI due to additively manufactured polymer parts that can compete both economically and compete with conventional injection molding both economically and in terms of quality
  • designed for automated 24/7 mass production
  • prepared for modular and customized post-process automation
  • Tech-Overview:
    Material: PA12
    Build envelope: 1.000 x 540 x 180 mm³
    Volumetric output: > 5.000 cm³/h

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EfficientcommissioningIn 2 phases

For an efficient and risk-free start-up of the production system on site, the development and customization of the VX1000 HSS system within the Beta Partner Program is divided into 2 phases.

Phase A – development and preset – is carried out by the voxeljet team of experts, in collaboration with you, entirely at voxeljet headquarters. Only when all production parameters have been optimally coordinated is the system installed jointly at the partner’s premises in phase B and continuously perfected within the framework of the test program for flexible, integrated 24/7 operation of the system in your production environment. Here, too, we guarantee end-to-end support at your site.

Phase A: Development and Preset
  • Phase A takes place entirely at voxeljet's headquarters in Germany
  • Joint definition and optimization of printer and process specifications, including mechanical component properties, system performance and definition of production process parameters
  • System setup and test operation of the system according to the process specifications of the together with the Beta Partner, incl. optimization of process and, material properties and intensive operator training

Phase B: Integration and Perfection
  • Phase B takes place on-site at the beta partner's real-world facility
  • Performance testing and validation of process specifications for integration into the established value and production chains on site
  • Integration of the printer into the production environment for real-world operation
  • Full service support of the integration by voxeljet engineers on site, incl. remote support by the engineering and research teams

As a first mover, start a new era of series production now!

Be a part of our HSS 1000 Beta Partner Program

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