New joint venture between Andreas Schmid Logistik AG and voxeljet AG

DSCS - 3D Meets Logistics

October 2017 - voxeljet has announced the formation of a new joint venture with logistics expert Andreas Schmid. Digital Supply Chain Solutions (DSCS) merges areas of supply chain management and industrial 3D printing, in order to help companies optimize and digitize their production processes. Both companies each hold 50 % of the shares in DSCS. Further, the Munich-based company [bu:st] GmbH will act as a strategic cooperation partner of the joint venture. voxeljet will be represented in the DSCS´s Management Board by Johannes Pesch.

“3D printing has been revolutionizing production and logistic processes for years," explains Gianluca Crestani, CEO of Andreas Schmid Logistik AG. "However, some companies have established working methods and routines leaving no time and technical resources to identify opportunities for innovation in value-added processes. DSCS provides assistance to those who have problems with this black box of additive technologies and aims to create transparency regarding the optimization of their production through the additive technologies."

DSCS supports the customer with experts who investigate processes and inventories searching for possibilities of integrating additive technologies. This enables the identification of components that can be produced more efficiently using 3D printing. Once these have been identified, 3D printing helps to produce these components or prototypes. This end-to-end process ensures that the production chain is tailored to achieve sustainable profitability.

“In 3D printing, productivity can already be seen with today's throughput times and qualities. With DSCS, we want to help companies to ensure that their internal process structure is state of the art. DSCS provides teams with in-depth knowledge of 3D printing and supply chain management. During the analysis phase, this knowledge is passed on to the customer. In addition, the customer is supported by experts throughout the entire planning and implementation process," adds Rudolf Franz, COO of voxeljet AG.

By using 3D printing technology and intelligent supply chain management, manufacturing and logistics costs are reduced to a minimum. Distribution on a global scale can also benefit from time savings due to the shortened value-added chain. While components with simple structures continue to be mass-produced, parts with complex geometries can be printed in small series, if required. "3D printing renders economies of scale and warehousing costs obsolete. DSCS shows companies the potential of today's innovative structure and sets new standards in the field of digital production and industry 4.0 ", says Rudolf Franz.

The operational activities of Digital Supply Chain Solutions will start November 2nd 2017.