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How Hetitec become scandinavians fastest foundry

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Our Speaker

Ville Moilanen, CEO, Hetitec

In 2008, Ville Moilanen joined what was then voxeljet technology GmbH in Augsburg as a mechanical engineer ans sales manager for. In 2012 he decided to move back to Finland to start his own business with Hetitec Oy. Equipped with a VX1000 from voxeljet he printed furan molds for customers on demand. For several years, Hetitec pursued this business model until 2018, when Hetitec decided to scale up, expand and transform the business model into a highly specialized foundry. To increase productivity, Hetitec added a VX2000 into its production with the unique idea: let’s build a foundry around the 3D printer and not just include a 3D printer in a foundry.  All with a clear focus: to become one of the fastest foundries in Europe.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Whx elements.
  • Howmless combination with conventional formwork systems.
  • hots can be handled on a large construction site and how they behave in changeable weather conditions.

Missed the webinar?

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