VX1000 HSS Expter Talk

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Our Speaker

Tobias Grün, Product Manager Global

Tobias Grün has been working at voxeljet AG since 2012. As a product manager, he has been accompanying innovative product developments from the idea to market maturity since 2016, with a focus on applications in areas ranging from automotive and aerospace to architecture and consumer goods. Since the market launch of the high-speed sintering process in 2017 for the additive manufacturing of polymer components on an industrial scale, he has been working to continuously expand the network and portfolio of partners and available polymer materials.

Christoph Scheck, Manager High Speed Sintering

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Hoany more.
  • Which advantl techniques.
  • The d print.
  • Howeadlines.

Missed the webinar?

Watch the recording now

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