VX2000 3D printing system: Economical 3D printing of sand casting molds

The VX2000 is a 3D printing system for industrial applications. It is especially suited for the cost-effective production of large-scale sand molds and cores. Its  jobbox size, with a length of 2 metres and a height and width of one metre each, makes printing of large-scale items possible. The operation remains simple and the printing speed high. An advantage that can also be efficiently used for the economical production of small series components. The flexibility of the VX2000 3D printing system creates a multitude of industrial applications for economical 3D printing of sand molds. 

Benefits of the VX2000

  • Economical and flexible:
    The VX2000 prints small numbers of large molds, or large numbers of small molds.

  • Versatile applications:
    Large single molds, cores or small series components are possible.

  • User-friendly
    A well thought through, ergonomic design makes it very easy to operate.

  • Quality:
    A high-performance print head for accurate 3D printing with a resolution of up to 300 dpi.

  • Precision:
    High surface quality for sand cores with a length of up to 2 meters.
Outer dimensions LxWxH        2,500 x 4,900 x 2,700 mm
Installation LxWxH*18,000 x 9,500 x 3,500 mm
Weight5,500 kg

*Installation space incl. peripherals

Build space LxWxH2,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 mm
Print resolution x, y      up to 300 dpi
Ambient temperature22 ± 2 °C
Rel. humidity    55 ± 5 %

VX2000 3D printing system: Common applications

The VX2000 shows its strengths in any industrial application that requires large formats. It works quickly, economically and with absolute geometric freedom. OEMs and sand casting foundries use the flexibility of this 3D printing system to create a large number of small parts.