As a leading manufacturer of industrial 3D printing systems, voxeljet has a unique technological know-how. We are happy to pass on this knowledge to our worldwide customers. Professional competence gives our customers the decisive advantage when working with their 3D printing systems and printed forms and models.

At voxeljet, we know that the engineer and the machine operator play a   key role. For this reason, our knowledge transfer is based on the latest training methods of theory and practice.  During the voxeljet training program you will gain the expertise you need in order to achieve your goals in terms of productivity, process optimization and component quality. 

Training Priorities

  • Training includes the entire process chain such as data creation, data preparation, printing process, system maintenance and post-processing of the parts
  • Training at the customer site or the voxeljet Academy
  • Determining the training needs together with the customer
  • Training with theoretical and practical exercises
  • For new and existing customers
  • Advice on all questions concerning additive manufacturing methods

Training Modules

System basics

Providing the basics of the process chain of the 3D printing system of voxeljet.

Material basics

Explaining the material characteristics and material management of the consumables.

Data generation

Due to the elimination of design limitations, additive manufacturing has a high degree of design freedom when creating data, which is explained in a practical way.

Data preparation

The preparation of proper data sets is a basic requirement for printing faultless components. Typical errors are explained by means of examples and solutions are indicated.

Printing process

3D printing is a manufacturing process that applies material layer by layer to a building platform and creates three-dimensional objects. The process-related sequences are clearly explained.

System operation

Practical work on the system plays an important role during training and builds on the previous principles. All the procedures for starting the printing process are explained and practically carried out.

Post-processing and applications

Finishing the printed components is decisive for the quality of the final product. The post-processing procedures are discussed and tools for quality assurance are shown.

Components and maintenance

The functions of the system components are explained. In addition, the operability of the 3D printing system is ensured by preventive maintenance work. This course explains all the steps for efficient maintenance. 

Safety, health and environment

The operation of the system requires that safety rules, health and environmental aspects are observed.

Additive manufacturing processes

This course is aimed at users who want to immerse themselves even more deeply in the technology of additive manufacturing methods. The focus is on various application examples and additive manufacturing methods.

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  • Increasing the job performance of your employees
  • Get first-hand expert knowledge 
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of processes through training
  • After completing the training, you understand the processes of the 3D printing system
  • Reliable operation of the 3D printing system
  • Efficient system maintenance
  • Qualitative assessment of components
  • Selecting appropriate procedures for your application

Training Options

Choose a training package or ask for an individual training:

Active User Training: 2 to 3 days

Active Maintenance Training: 1 to 2 days

Active Engineer Training: 1 day


Advice on additive manufacturing methods

Target groups

Machine operators, maintenance personnel and engineers

Number of participants

Active User Training: Up to 5 people

Active Maintenance Training: Up to 5 people

Active Engineer Training: By arrangement

Consulting additive manufacturing methods: By arrangement