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voxeljet AG

Born as a start-up from the Technical University of Munich, we have been supporting our customers with innovative 3D printing solutions for over 20 years. Initially developed for the metal casting industry, the applications of our technology today extend far beyond that.

1995 - 2000

1995: The beginnings

voxeljets earliest roots are already in the year 1995, when for the first time the drop dosage of UV adhesives succeeds. Within the framework of the drawer project “Generation of 3D structures”, the first 3D printing trials are undertaken at the FGB at the TU Munich. 1996 then the participation in the 1st Munich business plan competition follows and 1998 the first patent is given. In the same year the first sand moulds are printed at the FGB.

1999: Foundation of voxeljet on 5 May 1999

Our company was founded with the goal of developing new generative processes for the production of castings and plastic components using 3D printing. At the beginning, the business operations are started with 4 employees at the TU Munich. Shortly thereafter, the company’s premises in Augsburg are converted and moved into.

2000: First successes

With this technology, the company takes part in a Bavarian project and in the same year achieves 4th place in the STARTUP business plan competition. Here the young company prevails with its business concept among 1261 nationwide competitors and is thus, in addition to a cash prize, supported for one year free of charge by experts from the management consultancy McKinsey.

2001 - 2010

2002: Sale of the first particle material printers

First orders for the supply of sand based printers to BMW AG and Daimler AG are executed.

2003: First entry of investors

Bayern Kapital, Franz Industriebeteiligungen AG and Startkapital Fonds Augsburg are investing in voxeljet to support the company’s growth.

2005: First sold VX800 and ISO certification

The first VX800 system is sold. In the same year voxeljet is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

2007: First VX500 sold

The first VX500 is sold to the University of Rostock.

2008: Bavarian Innovation Award

voxeljet receives one of the awards for the Bavarian Innovation Prize

2009: 10th anniversary

voxeljet celebrates its 10th anniversary. In just ten years, the company has developed into an extremely successful and internationally active supplier of equipment and services for a wide range of industries, with steady growth. Equipped with a highly motivated team, the founder and CEO of voxeljet is very optimistic about the future: “We want to continue our positive growth by ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, developing new products and services and convincing new potential customers of our performance”.

2010: Award as Top 100 innovator and company relocation.

Innovative strength pays off: voxeljet technology is one of the 100 top innovators in Germany and has been awarded the “Top 100” seal of approval.  This success is also based on the innovation process actively pursued at voxeljet. In spring voxeljet moves to the Business Park in Friedberg and moves into a spacious administration building and new production halls.

2011 - 2017


New Dimensions in 3D Printing
In April 2011, voxeljet will present a new dimension in “additive manufacturing” with the VX4000 3D printing system. It can be used to produce objects measuring 4 x 2 x 1 meter.

Continuous 3D printing presented at GIFA
Continuous 3D printing technology means a new dimension in the tool-free production of molds and models. At GIFA, voxeljet presented the world’s first continuously operating prototype 3D printer. The process steps of building and unpacking run in parallel, without having to interrupt the operation of the system.

voxeljet presents new VX1000 3D printer
voxeljet celebrates the world premiere of the VX1000 3D printer at Euromold in Frankfurt. The new machine, which combines high performance with a very large installation space, makes it possible to meet even the most demanding requirements of the industry.

New binder for pure white models 
Good news for those who attach great importance to pure white plastic models. From now on, the voxeljet service center also offers a new, optional material system. The new material is called Polypor Type C and differs from Polypor Type B in that the finished plastic models are made of pure white and are able to meet higher demands on the model.


First VX1000 sold
The first VX1000 was sold to the British company Propshop Modelmakers Ltd. This was already the fifth voxeljet system to be installed in Great Britain. The film industry opens up a completely new customer base for voxeljet.

VX200: 3D printing in small format
The VX200 is the smallest 3D printer in the voxeljet range. The machine is very compact, easy to operate and allows a cost-effective entry into 3D printing technology. Even the smallest 3D printer scores with the well-known advantages of the large machines.

First continuously operating 3D printer
The VXC800 is one of the world’s first continuously operating 3D printers. This new development establishes a completely new generation of machines in which the process steps of building and unpacking run in parallel without interrupting the operation of the system.

2013: Successful IPO on the NYSE

On October 23, 2013, voxeljet AG issued 7,475,000 American Depositary Shares (“ADSs”) on the New York Stock Exchange at a price per share of $13, with net proceeds of the issue being approximately $64.5 million after deducting discounts, commissions and expenses. Change of name from voxeljet technology GmbH to voxeljet AG in August 2013.


Successfully completed follow-up issue to the capital increase on the NYSE
On April 16, 2014, voxeljet AG issued 3,000,000 American Depositary Shares (“ADSs”) on the New York Stock Exchange at a price per share of $15, net proceeds of the issue were approximately $41.4 million after deductions for discounts, commissions and estimated expenses.

voxeljet with own USA subsidiary
What was a vision a long time ago is now becoming reality: voxeljet will start operating its own service center in Canton, Michigan.

voxeljet opens a subsidiary in Great Britain
voxeljet opens a new service center in Great Britain, thus furthering the development of new markets. The aim of the expansion is to drive sales, service and manufacturing activities in the UK market and to offer 3D printing and additive casting solutions in one of the largest European casting markets.

Phenolic resin binder opens up new opportunities
voxeljet developed the phenolic direct binding process. The technology brings decisive advantages in sand printing and also enables the production of ceramic moulds.


voxeljet awarded with Bavarian Founder’s Prize
voxeljet is awarded the Bavarian Founders’ Prize 2015 in the category “Upwardly mobile” for its outstanding achievements. The expansive and successfully implemented corporate strategy is one of the reasons why voxeljet is receiving the award in the category “Career Climber”.

voxeljet honored with “Newcomer of the Year Award” in New York
voxeljet feels honored to be this year’s winner of the “Newcomer of the Year Award”. The jury of the German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. in New York praised voxeljet’s innovative technology and approach in Germany as well as in the United States. This innovative approach elevates voxeljet above all other talented German companies that have recently entered the American market.

voxeljet ships 100th 3D printer
3D printing pioneer voxeljet from Friedberg in Bavaria is celebrating a very special anniversary. The high-tech company, which has made a name for itself both as a manufacturer of industrial 3D printing systems and as a service provider for the on-demand production of sand molds and plastic models, is delighted to deliver its 100th 3D printer in November 2015.

voxeljet expands into China and India
voxeljet announces a joint venture with Suzhou Meimai Fast Manufacturing Technology Co, Ltd, a leading supplier of sand printing and rapid casting in China. The prerequisite for this cooperation was a long-term relationship as a sales partner and experience with voxeljet printers. The joint venture company is to be called voxeljet China Ltd. and will be managed from the headquarters in Germany. The new subsidiary was established as part of voxeljet’s growth strategy to ensure a direct operational presence in the Chinese 3D printing market.

voxeljet India Pvt. Ltd. was established in December 2015. The subsidiary is located in Pune, a major automotive and manufacturing center near Mumbai. The foundry industry in India is still quite traditional in its operational approach. Although this attitude is changing, among other things, due to the global spread and acceptance of 3D technology, it is still very much a traditional industry.  One of the consequences of this is that interest in 3D printing processes is also spreading among Indian foundries. voxeljet, one of the leading providers of industrial 3D solutions, wants to establish its market position in India at this early stage.


Topology optimized casting awarded “Component of the Year”
A joint project between the Precision Casting Centre foundry and voxeljet UK has now been awarded the coveted “Component of the Year” award by the British foundry association CMF (Cast Metals Federation). The joint project involves an aluminium wheel carrier that has up to five times the stiffness at the same weight.

World’s largest 3D printing system goes into operation in the USA
voxeljet is pushing the growth market in the USA and is now commissioning the largest 3D printing system in Michigan. With the VX4000 3D printer, one of the leading suppliers of large-format 3D printers and on-demand parts services is underscoring its important position in the U.S. market.

Capacity expansion – foundation stone laid for new production facility at voxeljet headquarters in Friedberg, Germany
As part of the company’s growth, additional space is being created at its headquarters in Friedberg, Bavaria, for the production of 3D printing systems and administration. This will provide a total of approximately 13,000 square meters of space for manufacturing, services and administration.


New building and capacity expansion at headquarters in Germany
In April 2017 of the first half year, a new hall and an administration building were put into operation. This provides a further 5,300 square meters for the construction of printing systems and for administration.

First VX500 PMMA installation in India
After first sand installations, the first VX500 PMMA system in India has now been installed at IPCL (Investment & Precision Casting Ltd.). IPCL was founded in 1975 and is one of the leading foundries in India. The company enables investment casting of complex components in a wide range of materials with piece weights of up to 200 kg. Through collaboration, internal R&D and investment in the latest technologies such as 3D printing, IPCL is able to bring its own patterns to market faster.

Move to UK location
voxeljet UK moved from its old location at Pinewood Studios to a new, larger facility in Milton Keynes (UK) in October 2017. To meet the growing demand for 3D printing, the decision was made to expand capacity. The new facility, which is 1,000 square meters in size, will initially house four 3D printing systems with a print volume of 10,000 liters per month. However, the facility has the capacity to increase the volume to 50,000 liters. In addition to the established sand and plastic (PMMA) processes, voxeljet UK is also equipped with the new Polymer High Speed Sintering (HSS) process.

New 3D printing processes from voxeljet AG
voxeljet has expanded the spectrum of its product portfolio to include two innovative processes: Polymer High Speed Sintering (HSS) and PolyPor C² (PPC²). Polymer High Speed (HSS) is a thermoplastic binder jetting process that enables fully functional prototypes and end user parts to be produced without tools. The new technology is offered on voxeljet’s entry-level VX200 system and thus offers unique flexibility in terms of adaptable process and machine parameters. Thanks to the wide range of printable thermoplastic materials such as PA12, the systems can be individually adapted to the customer’s needs. Elastomers such as TPU, for example, can also be printed. PPC² expands voxeljet’s range of plastic printing processes for investment casting. PPC² is characterized by a higher level of detail and edge sharpness, which enables particularly precise casting results to be achieved.

voxeljet AG signs a venture debt facility with the European Investment Bank (EIB) for up to 25 million euros
On November 9, 2017 voxeljet AG signed a venture debt facility with the European Investment Bank (EIB) for up to 25 million euros. The facility is part of a joint initiative launched by the European Investment Bank Group in cooperation with the European Commission as part of Horizon 2020. Horizon 2020 is an EU research and innovation program with a budget of around 80 billion euros, which aims to bring breakthrough innovations, discoveries and world firsts to market by bringing ideas from the laboratory to the marketplace.

2018 - Today


First VX1000 with the phenolic binder process installed in North America
The first VX1000 PDB (Phenolic Direct Binding) system for printed sand molds and cores in North America was installed at the state-of-the-art foundry Danko Arlington, Inc. in Baltimore, USA. With the PDB process, a process is gaining a foothold in the U.S. that is a unique addition to conventional sand casting due to its increased mold strength, reduced gas shock and the reusability of unprinted sand.

TEI and voxeljet sign volume agreement
voxeljet has signed a volume contract with the American foundry expert Tooling and Equipment International (TEI). In the contract, TEI has undertaken to purchase a volume of more than 500,000 liters of 3D-printed sand from voxeljet America Inc. over a period of three years. Under the terms of the contract, voxeljet will increase its capacity in Canton and install a second VX4000 in its service center.

SOGECLAIR Aerospace and voxeljet project wins “Best Industrial Project with 3D Printing
SOGECLAIR Aerospace has succeeded in reducing the weight of an aircraft door by 30% with a unique concept. This was made possible by the cooperation with voxeljet. Thanks to bionic structures, the topologically optimized door offers the same strength as conventionally manufactured doors. To enable the door to be manufactured from aluminium in just one casting, voxeljet printed the model from the proven PMMA plastic. No other additive manufacturing technology would have been able to realise the door design in one piece. At this year’s 3D Print exhibition in Lyon, the project won first place in the category “Best industrial project using 3D printing”.

voxeljet AG successfully completes follow-up mission at the NYSE
On November 1, 2018 voxeljet AG announced the successful completion of the issuance of 5,580,000 American Depositary Shares (“ADSs”) on the New York Stock Exchange at a price of $2.57 per share. Net proceeds from the offering were approximately $12.7 million after deducting discounts granted to underwriters, commissions and estimated expenses.

voxeljet expands material portfolio for Polymer High Speed Sintering
voxeljet has expanded its material portfolio for High Speed Sintering (HSS). For example, 3D printing of polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) has been successfully demonstrated. PP is one of the most widely used polymers in the world and is used in various industries, such as the automotive, aerospace and consumer goods industries. TPU can be used to manufacture highly flexible products such as shoe soles, fittings or hydraulic seals.

voxeljet introduces a new product line: VX1000 S
With the new VX1000-S, voxeljet has introduced a 3D printing system that is significantly faster than conventional VX1000 systems. It is possible to operate the system both with proven binders such as furan resin and with an inorganic binder, both economically and for environmentally friendly casting processes.

voxeljet AG drives the future of additive manufacturing
In October 2018 voxeljet announced an agreement to supply the first VJET X printing systems to a leading German car manufacturer. The new high-speed printers of the VJET X line enable the mass production of complex sand cores, which are used in aluminum casting of highly efficient cylinder heads. This new generation of cylinder heads significantly increases both engine performance and fuel efficiency. In addition, the printers work with an inorganic binder system that significantly improves working conditions in foundries, as the casting process only generates water vapor.


voxeljet AG celebrates its 20th anniversary
Our company was founded on 5 May 1999 with a clear vision: The establishment of new standards in manufacturing technology. Today we are globally represented with production facilities in the USA, China, Great Britain and Germany. Our products help to make automobiles more efficient and also optimize aircraft and spacecraft. In October 2013 we went public on the New York Stock Exchange. The year 2018 marks another important milestone in the realization of our vision: The first contract for our VJET-X product line was signed. Thus, our OEM solution for additive and environmentally friendly mass production will be introduced at a leading German automotive manufacturer. The customer has been one of our customers since the very beginning – that is why we have been connected by a long-standing partnership ever since.

voxeljet China Co. Ltd. expands presence in China
In Suzhou, near Shanghai (China), the 8,000 m² factory of voxeljet China Co. Ltd. was officially opened in May. The state-of-the-art additive manufacturing center is equipped with a variety of large-format, high-performance 3D printing systems from voxeljet and currently has an annual 3D printing capacity of more than 400 tons. The facility also provides space for additional 3D printing systems to meet the growing demand for 3D printed components in Asia.

About Mission to Redefine Additive Mass Production
Together with our partners Loramendi and ASK Chemicals, we worked on the “Industrialization of Core Printing” (ICP). We presented and demonstrated the production solution to the public for the first time at the GIFA trade fair in Düsseldorf. ICP includes our new VX1300 X 3D printing system, which is up to 10 times faster than our previous printing systems. With the fully automated production of complex casting cores for the automotive industry, ICP integrates additive core manufacturing technologies for the first time in series production.

Polymer High Speed Sintering Technology Update: Grayscale
With grayscale printing, we have expanded our range of applications for 3D printing of polymers in the High Speed Sintering (HSS) process. Grayscale printing refers to the gradual change in material properties through specific changes in ink dosage during the process. This allows new material properties to be incorporated into printed powder layers. One example is different degrees of hardness within a shoe sole, adapted to individual stress zones.

Growth drivers
In October 2018, we presented our new high-speed 3D printer (VJET X) for the first time, which has a shift speed of less than five seconds. VJET X is 10 times faster than previous 3D printers and is considered the most powerful system available today. The first customer for this new 3D printer is a premium German automaker. In November 2019, we introduced a prototype of a new, large high-speed sintering printer for the mass production of functional plastic parts. We plan to begin marketing the new printer towards the end of 2020.


Few things have shaped the year 2020 more than the global COVID-19 pandemic. Especially the production of medical protective equipment reached its limits due to the acute surplus demand. But 3D printing was able to remedy this situation quickly and efficiently. With its newly opened high-speed sintering service, voxeljet was also able to support local hospitals and other medical facilities with 3D-printed protective visor mounts or mask holders within a few hours. This was also made possible by the great cooperation with additive manufacturing groups and material manufacturers.

Sale of two VX4000- 3D printers to clients in India
voxeljet India has sold two VX4000 3D printers to leading Indian foundries this year. The VX4000 is the largest 3D printer in our portfolio and arguably the world’s largest binder-jetting 3D printer (4 m x 2 m x 1 m). The systems are used for example for the production of large-format sand molds for the pump industry, engine manufacturing for tractors or new wind turbines. The 3D printers are  also used in other markets such as the aerospace industry.

Move from NYSE to NASDAQ
After the successful IPO on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2013, we decided in August 2020 to list our American Depositary Shares (ADS) on the NASDAQ. We are very grateful to the NYSE for the successful time. Nasdaq is the leading American stock exchange for technology companies and home to many of the world’s best high-tech companies. In addition to that, conditions can be more advantageous for smaller companies. With this change, we believe we can continue to deliver long-term value to our shareholders.

Expanding our partnership with the European Investment Bank (EIB)
At the end of 2017, we signed a venture debt deal of up to € 25 million with the European Investment Bank (EIB). The loan is part of a joint initiative by the European Investment Bank Group in collaboration with the European Commission. The EIB is the bank of the European Union and belongs to the 27 member states. The funding is supported by the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), the financial pillar of the EU Investment Plan for Europe. In June 2020, we expanded our partnership with the EIB and raised additional funds to advance the development of two new 3D printing systems. The declared goal is to bring 3D printing into industrial series production.

New materials for High Speed Sintering (HSS): Cooperation with Covestro for new thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
Together with the specialty chemicals expert Covestro, we were able to develop and qualify a new thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for our High Speed Sintering process. TPU is characterized in particular by its elastic properties and is used in the production of shoe soles and insoles, among other things. Due to the close cooperation with Covestro, the qualification could be completed in a remarkably short time at our headquarters in Friedberg, Bavaria.

Additional orders for new 3D printer VJET X as part of the ICP project with a leading German car maker
As part of its cooperation project “Industrialization of Core Printing” (ICP) with Loramendi and ASK Chemicals, voxeljet AG has received a follow-up order for three more VX1300 X high-performance 3D printing systems (VJET X). The order completes the first ICP production line at a renowned German car manufacturer with a total of five VX1300X systems. The ICP project stands for the fully automated, additive series production of sand cores for light metal casting in automotive engineering. The follow-up order is an important milestone in our mission to establish new manufacturing standards.


AGC Ceramics and voxeljet develop 3D printing ceramics for investment casting shells and cores
To develop the new high-performance ceramic material set BrightorbTM for 3D printing, AGC Ceramics Co., Ltd. has entered into a cooperation with voxeljet. Brightorb was developed on a VX1000 with a build volume of 1000 x 600 x 500 mm. The 3D printing system works layer-based and bonds the ceramic particles with an inorganic binder. Targeted applications for the new, ceramic material set include high-performance cores for sand and investment casting, ceramic filters, structural components, as well as art and product design.

Tooling & Equipment International expands additive manufacturing capacity with second VX4000 3D printer
Tooling & Equipment International (TEI), an expert for highly complex castings in the engineering and manufacturing industry, purchases another VX4000 system. TEI is one of the largest users of 3D sand printing in the US and runs a fully equipped aluminum foundry in Livonia, Michigan. The engineering expert decided to invest in the second VX4000 3D printer to further expand its already existing capacities for additive manufacturing and quickly and economically realize technically demanding projects for prototyping inquiries as well as production orders.

GE Renewable Energy, Fraunhofer IGCV und voxeljet AG plan to develop world’s largest sand binder jetting 3D printer for offshore wind turbines
GE Renewable Energy, Fraunhofer IGCV and voxeljet AG announce a research partnership to develop the world’s largest 3D printer for offshore wind turbines. The goal of the collaboration is to optimize the production of major components of GE’s Haliade-X offshore wind turbine. The 3D printer, which is currently under development, will be able to print molds for cast components that will be installed inside the Haliade-X nacelle. This will reduce the manufacturing time for the molds, for cast parts weighing up to 60 tons, from ten to two weeks.

Brose starts with VX1000 HSS beta program
voxeljet AG announces one of the first participants in the High Speed Sintering (HSS) Early-Access Beta Program for the VX1000 HSS. Brose, a global automotive supplier, will work with voxeljet as a cooperation partner to further develop the VX1000 HSS for use in additive series production of polymer components for the automotive industry. The aim of the HSS Beta Program is to test the features and capabilities of the VX1000 HSS in an extensively designed program for use in industrial production environments. In addition to the production of prototypes and pilot series, Brose plans to implement the VX1000 HSS for series production.

New 3D Printing Polymer Qualification Network – HSS Material Network
In order to accelerate the qualification of new polymer materials for High Speed Sintering (HSS) technology – as used in voxeljet’s additive polymer manufacturing processes – Fraunhofer IPA, the University of Bayreuth and voxeljet AG have initiated the HSS Material Network. The network offers customers a flexible way to have new 3D printing polymers tested, qualified and certified. The HSS Material Network is linked to voxeljet’s Material Certification Lab, and independent organizations wishing to advance the development and qualification of polymer materials for the HSS process can join it informally. Through collaboration and knowledge exchange, the development of polymer materials for additive manufacturing can thus be advanced.

Covestro and voxeljet announce partnership to drive adoption in large series additive manufacturing
Materials company Covestro and voxeljet are collaborating to develop a material-machine combination for economic large series additive manufacturing. After jointly developing and qualifying a Thermoplastic PolyUrethane (TPU) powder for HSS, the two companies are taking their collaboration to the next level by bringing customers a seamless material-process solution for volume manufacturing of their specific applications. voxeljet will contribute its knowledge with its large format VX1000 HSS printer platform, and Covestro its expertise in designing functional materials, to develop a seamlessly working material-process solution that can be deployed for large scale manufacturing. Material possibilities that the companies are considering are TPU, which are suited well for footwear and cushioning applications, as well as TPE, PBT and PP. The collaboration with voxeljet involves scaling new materials on the large-format, industrial manufacturing machine – VX1000 HSS.


voxeljet AG completes sale-leaseback transaction for German facility

Paving the way further towards profitability, voxeljet has completed a sale-leaseback transaction for its 135,380-square-foot facility in Friedberg, Germany with an institutional, unaffiliated real estate investor. This is subject to regulatory approvals in the Federal Republic of Germany. The leaseback transaction provides for a fifteen-year lease commitment with two consecutive five-year renewal options. The proceeds of the transaction are to be used to repay outstanding financial liabilities.

voxeljet expands portfolio of on-demand services in HSS process with TPU

Alongside the standard polymer PA12, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is one of the polymers increasingly demanded in 3D polymer printing. With its damping, flexible and elastic properties, the material has become very popular across industries. The TPU, which is qualified for the HSS process, was launched by voxeljet together with material manufacturer Covestro. With this collaboration, the two companies aim to develop integrated material and process solutions for the cost-effective additive high-volume production of polymer components. Customers can now order TPU components as required from the voxeljet on-demand-service.

Peekay Steel Ltd. invests in 3D printing and the future

Peekay Steel, one of the largest foundries in India has inaugurated its new 3D printing facility at Bengaluru Airport City in Bangalore, India. Among other, Peekay installed a VX4000 from voxeljet within this facility. This 3D printer is used for production, to train technology experts, to conduct research and development and increase awareness for additive manufacturing in India.


Tooling Equipment International (TEI) expands 3D printing capacity further

US foundry Tooling Equipment International (TEI) has acquired its third VX4000 3D printer. This makes the automotive supplier one of the largest users of 3D sand printing in the USA and a true voxeljet success story. The cooperation with TEI started with a volume contract for 3D printed parts. Today, TEI has over 2.5 million liters of build volume per year from voxeljet 3D printers alone.

Tooling Equipment International (TEI) enters volume production with VX4000 3D printers

Tooling Equipment International (TEI) is using its expanded additive manufacturing capacity to produce, among other things, completely new and functionally optimized lightweight structures for the American automotive OEM General Motors (GM). TEI’s three VX4000 3D printers are used to produce cores for the series production of large-format, weight-saving structural components for the Cadillac CELESTIQ, GM’s new all-electric sedan.

voxeljet and Loramendi demonstrate first fully automated additive sand core production line at BMW Group’s Landshut plant

Together with its partner Loramendi, voxeljet has implemented an automated large-scale production line of inorganic sand cores for light metal casting at the BMW Group plant in Landshut, Germany. The production line is equipped with five of voxeljet’s next generation VX1300-X (VJET X) 3D printers and produces hundreds of thousands of sand cores per year. The 3D printers are integrated into a fully automated pre- and post-processing workflow, including industrial microwaves for curing the 3D printed cores. This solution provides a customized, powerful and innovative solution for the production of BMW’s high-performance engines. By using inorganic binders, the ICP production line sets a new benchmark for a more sustainable and near-zero emission foundry solution.

voxeljet selected for $14.9 million contract by GE Research to develop large sand binder jet 3D printer

GE Research has selected voxeljet as a partner for the development and commercialization of a giant binder jetting 3D printer for sand. The platform, called Advanced Casting Cell (ACC), will be one of the largest 3D printers in the world. It is being developed to produce large sand molds for casting essential components for wind or hydro turbines. The castings components, which are critical to the energy transition, can weigh more than 60 tons. The $14.9 million Department of Energy -funded project will help accelerate the U.S. transition to clean energy. In addition to voxeljet, GE Research has selected GE Hydro, GE Onshore Wind, GE Offshore Wind, Clemson University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Hodge Foundry as partners for the project.

The 3D-printed Black Forest House – a museum that is itself a work of art

In Furtwangen, in the heart of the Black Forest, a unique museum is being built that – although it houses art – is a work of art itself. The Siedle House is a project of the Horst und Gabriele Siedle Art Foundation and aims for the construction of a cultural center. The museum area consists of a true-to-scale concrete cast of a residential building. For this unique building, voxeljet produced 1067 facade formwork elements and matrices. In total, more than 720 square meters of sand matrices were produced by additive manufacturing, which were then used for the concrete casting. The Siedle House is one of the largest voxeljet Service Center’s on-demand manufacturing projects to date and the largest project using 3D printed formwork matrices to produce a complete, full-scale building.


Acceleration of strategic realignment and voluntary delisting from NASDAQ

We have agreed to amend and expand an existing loan note with the US technology investor Anzu Partners. We will use the net loan proceeds of approximately $5.5 million for financing the operative business and for effecting the delisting and deregistration of our ADSs. Anzu partners made it clear that they will not fund expensive external advisers related to being a Nasdaq listed company. As a result, we effected the delisting of the ADS from Nasdaq and the de-registration from US SEC reporting obligations. Following the delisting, it will be possible to trade the ADS over-the-counter (OTC), ticker symbol VJTTY. There is no guarantee that market makers will trade or quote the stock at the OTC market.


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