Resource efficiency, sustainability and digitalization are introducing a new way of thinking in the construction industry. voxeljet Additive Manufacturing offers efficient data-driven production techniques that fit seamlessly into the continuous digital data chain of the Building Information Model (BIM). And this applies to all phases of the product life cycle. From rapid 3D printing of architectural models, through functional models, to the production of large-format complex concrete formwork.

galleria gwanggyo facade with 3d printed and investment casted structural joint knots

3D printing for structural elements in architecture

For the unique facade of the Galleria Gwanggyo in South Korea, 3D printing and investment casting was employed to create hundreds of individual joint knots for the glass walk.

Siedle House

3D printing and formwork construction in perfection. For a museum in the Black Forest, voxeljet sets new standards for additive manufacturing in architecture.

3D gedruckte Betonschalung von voxeljet

Pillar project Doka

For an office building near Munich, Deutsche Doka once again used 3D printed formwork elements from voxeljet for concrete casting.

3D printed sand model from voxeljet

Column cladding SL Rasch GmbH

SL Rasch GmbH counts on 3D printing for the visualization of architectural projects.

3D gedruckte Sandgussform von voxeljet

Functional Architecture with 3D Printing

The Mersitem Wall is a best practice example of how functional and sustainable architecture can be created with 3D printing.

3D investment casting model from voxeljet for bronze casting

3D printing for sustainable architecture

Singapore's AIRLAB uses these table legs to show how architecture can be made more sustainable and functional at the same time.

3d printed concrete formwork from voxeljet

Intelligent 3D printed concrete formwork

voxeljet AG prints complex molds for "intelligent" concrete ceiling at DFAB (NEST)

3D-printed concrete formwork for stairs from voxeljet

3D printing makes complex concrete formwork more efficient

A first-class reference: Doka uses voxeljet for the creation of complex formworks

3D printed exhibit from voxeljet

The design of living spaces using 3D printing

3D printing has become an integral part of architecture.

3D scan of an excavation

Restoration using 3D printing

For fifteen years the team from the Egyptian Museum in Berlin dug in the Sudanese desert and restored historically valuable items.


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