Westpark-Clouds Artful 3D printing

Fabian Hess and Mitra Wakil create the Westpark-Clouds. voxeljet prints molds for an aluminum sculpture of a new residential area in Munich.

voxeljet, Friedberg near Augsburg, November 2017 – With “Westpark Clouds”, a life-size sculpture group, Fabian Hesse and Mitra Wakil created an artistic work for a public space in the Munich residential area Westpark. Westpark Clouds shows a two-part group of figures, developed from the manipulated and processed 3D scans of the newly recruited residents. 

First, individual scans of the residents were produced using 3D scanning. In the next step, the artists placed the scans on top of each other. In these overlaps, the different scans of the individual residents cross over into each other, so that their boundaries are no longer clearly discernible. This resulted in a visual template, which Hesse and Wakil artistically edited and designed using 3D modelling programs.

Hesse and Wakil then printed the 10 molds needed for the sculpture at voxeljet on their VX4000 3D printing system with a building space of 4 x 2 x 1 m in quartz sand to finally cast the entire sculpture in aluminum.

3D printing in art still in their infancy

Hesse: “For some time now, artists have been using the possibilities of 3D rendering and 3D printing. However, we will still experience many fantastic innovations in this area. This method of producing art is still in its infancy, comparable to the beginnings of photography. However really spectacular results, completely new approaches and communities in contemporary art are emerging continuously.”

Webinar: Art Casting

In this webinar, the renowned German art foundry, Strassacker, will tell all about PMMA 3D printing technology and it’s applications in art casting.

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Hyperrealistic sculptural elements thanks to 3D printing technology from voxeljet

From the high-resolution 3D scans, hyper-realistic sculpture elements were then created with voxeljet´s Binder Jetting 3D printing technology.

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