Wheel mounts

High-tech company voxeljet considers the promotion of innovative approaches and developments at the university level as an important societal responsibility. For this reason, the Augsburg-based company supports the Racetech racing team of Bergakademie Freiberg Technical University – with great success.

voxeljet supplied the Racetech racing team with printed sand molds for magnesium sand casting as early as the 2009/2010 racing season. The resulting lightweight-construction components contributed to the Freiberg team's 14th place out of 475 teams in the world rankings at the end of the season. At this time, the students are working on the new "RT06" race car. Similar to current developments in the automotive industry, which focus on lightweight construction and energy efficiency, work on the RT06 also emphasises weight reduction, including new developments for even lighter wheel mounts and a weight-optimised steering gear housing made of magnesium materials. 

Both chassis components are relevant to stability, since high directional and camber stability form the basis for maintaining good control over the race car. The only restriction that had to be taken into account with regard to the new design was a minimum wall thickness of three millimetres, which was specified by the foundry for larger-scale magnesium components.

Molds from furan resin-bound molding material

Once the CAD models for the required molds and cores for the new vehicle components were available, work on the production of the molds commenced at the voxeljet service centre. The modern high-performance 3D printers produced the molds made of furan resin-bound molding material within a few days. The molding material is ideally suited for magnesium melting thanks to its low binder content and hence minimal gas formation. A total of four mold sets for the steering gear housing and eight wheel mount mold sets were printed exactly in accordance with the CAD data set, and at accurate voxeljet quality. 

Compared to the previous vehicle, the new wheel mounts are approximately ten percent lighter, while the steering gear housing is even 50 percent lighter and the stability of both components has been increased by 20 percent. All in all, it makes for a light and competitive start to the new season for the new RT06 race car.

 Technical data

Total size 515 x 211 x 80 mm  Total size 515 x 211 x 80 mm
Weight 1.2 kgWeight 3.4 kg
Individual pieces1Material Magnesium
Material SandLead time 3 weeks
Layer thickness  0.3 mm
Lead time 5 days
Build time 3.5 hours