Industrial 3D printing systems: Efficient and economical

voxeljet is a global leading supplier for 3D printing systems for industrial applications. The innovative Binder-Jetting technology used in our 3D printing systems offers you the geometric freedom required for complex designs. This results not only in the most economical solution for various industries and applications but also in the further optimization of manufacturing processes.

Take advantage of our experience in 3D printing - for greater productivity, faster customization and material variety!


  • Cost-effective:
    Depending on the shape of the component and the batch size, 3D printing often proves to be the most economical method of production.

  • Main advantages:
    voxeljet offers the largest industrial 3D printing systems in the world*. This allows the flexible production of large individual molds, multiple small parts or a combination of both.

  • Time saving:
    voxeljet offers the most efficient 3D printing systems on the market – the time it takes to manufacture components can be reduced by up to 75%, compared to traditional tool manufacturing.

  • Experience:
    Since it was founded in 1999, voxeljet has built up several years of experience as a manufacturer of 3D printing systems e.g. for Rapid Casting and functional prototypes and is now one of the world’s leading suppliers. Benefit from this expertise with every voxeljet product.

    *Measured on the basis of the contiguous build volume.