voxeljet continues on global expansion course with its 3d printers

After the joint venture in China and the establishment of subsidiaries in India, voxeljet has now set its sights on the Mexican market. To this end, the leading provider of large-format 3D printers and on-demand services has entered into a cooperation with ART in Mexico.

Mexico, the world’s seventh-largest car manufacturer, is an important and growing OEM market for cast parts in the automotive industry. But in addition to automotive, global player voxeljet has also turned its focus on the Mexican machine building, transportation industry and energy industry. It is expected that these sectors will experience enormous growth in the Latin American market in the next few years.

To secure market share in the automotive sector, 3D print specialist voxeljet acquired a strong partner in Mexico, the automation company Art Abastecedora Industrial S. de R.L. de C.V. (ART). During the last few decades, ART successfully placed brands such as Automatic Feed Co. and Mayfran International on the Mexican automation market. The company provides high-tech solutions for automation companies, and counts the “Big Three” in the automotive industry (Ford, General Motors and Chrysler) as well the VW Group & Nissan, among its suppliers.

Strong demand for mexican foundries

“With its extensive experience in the automotive sector and its collaboration with global leaders, ART is the ideal business partner for the Latin American market. As an automation expert, the company contributes comprehensive competence for marketing our products in Mexico in the future,” is how Christian Träger, Sales Director at voxeljet, explains the idea behind the cooperation. “Our industrial 3D printing systems are front and center in our collaboration with ART. By using 3D printers from voxeljet, large foundries can optimize their production processes for molds and models.”

Foundries that produce for the automotive industry use these molds and models in the Rapid Prototyping process for prototype building and rapid manufacturing, hence in small series production. The advantage offered by 3D printing technology is obvious: Production processes become faster, more cost-effective and more precise.

The Mexican foundries profit from voxeljet’s large-format industrial 3D printers, since complex cast parts can now be acquired directly through ART. Foundries and car makers around the world value the German quality standards of the voxeljet 3D printers, which increase flexibility and efficiency, and accelerate production processes – a prerequisite for keeping up in a hotly contested global market.

Joint Development of the Latin American market

Through its cooperation with voxeljet, ART will add industrial 3D printing to its product portfolio in the automotive segment. ART was founded in Mexico City in 1988, and initially made a name for itself by providing die-cutting and installation services for the automotive industry. Now the company offers an extensive product portfolio of machines, accessories and automation systems for the automotive sector. The company covers Mexico, through the main four Industrial regions with Headquarters at México City. Effective immediately, the Mexican expert for automation solutions will also be in charge of marketing the voxeljet 3D printing systems and associated services.

“We are pleased to develop the market for industrial 3D printing in Mexico together with voxeljet, while at the same time addressing the considerable market demand”, adds Dipl.-Ing. Rafael Martínez Velásquez, President of ART.


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