The profitability of a machine only becomes apparent when it is used efficiently and reliably – day after day. This applies in general and in particular to a transformation process towards additive manufacturing. This is why the Support & Service department plays a key role at voxeljet. Our experts ensure that you can rely on your 3D printers around the clock. They help you to maintain your machines autonomously, qualify new materials in your production and advise you on how to optimally integrate additive production processes into your production process.

Our 3D experts offer comprehensive services directly from the manufacturer. From extensive knowledge transfer or financing, to fast help with urgent support requests.

Optimal consultation

In every phase, at every location, and on every topic. Whether technical questions, optimization or urgent product and system support. We are at your side.

Transfer of knowledge

To enable your employees to quickly and optimally operate the 3D systems themselves and adapt them to new tasks. At any time and completely autonomous.

Available worldwide

voxeljet is at home on four continents. Wherever you need us, we are there for you quickly. With years of expertise and 3D experts who understand your industry.

Seminars,Training andCertification

Knowledge is power – and voxeljet offers a variety of services to put this power in your hands. So that you can produce perfect products right from the start and make full use of the power and performance of our 3D systems. Through technical insights and practical training, we enable you to maintain the systems optimally and adapt them to new tasks. To avoid unnecessary operating costs with optimally trained staff and to be able to react quickly to new products or tasks without external help.

Material qualification for 3D printing from voxeljet

Material Certification-Lab

Find the perfect material for your application. In processing optimally matched to the processes in the 3D production systems. This has been one of our core competencies for over 20 years and one of the secrets behind the performance and reliability of our systems in industrial applications.

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Training for 3D printing from voxeljet

voxeljet Academy

Learn all about the possibilities of how additive manufacturing makes your production even more efficient. Or learn firsthand from 3D printing experts how digital-driven production will change your industry and how to get the most out of 3D printing.

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With LifecycleServices alwaysat your side.Worldwide.

voxeljet not only builds outstanding 3D systems, but also ensures that your entry into additive production is a success story. Right from the start. With expert advice on which systems will fit perfectly into your production environment. With financing solutions that make it easier for you to get started in fast and flexible digitised production if required. With fast and effective 24/7 support in urgent cases. And last, but not least, through intelligent modernisation and retrofit services that safeguard your investment in voxeljet 3D systems in the long term.

Sales partner worldwide of voxeljet

Distribution worldwide

voxeljet is at your side with sales and services worldwide. Together with our partners we are present in 26 countries in America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

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Technical service from voxeljet

Technical support

Our technicians ensure that your printers are available around the clock and work efficiently. Our telephone service is also available to help you with spontaneous problems.

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The multi-material 3D printer from voxeljet

Refurbished Systems

Second hand, first class. Completely reconditioned 3D printing systems from voxeljet with a 12-month warranty offer a cost-effective alternative for your entry into additive manufacturing. The systems are generally only in use for three to five years and are thoroughly tested and overhauled in voxeljet workshops. We will be happy to check the next availability of your desired machine.

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Intelligent financing options from voxeljet

Smart financing

The smart financing of new processes and production methods requires the financing partner to have in-depth industry and market knowledge. For this reason, we work in the Financial Services area with partners who know the return on investment of additive production processes and their potential in the industrial environment. And who are able to evaluate them correctly from experience.

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3D PartsOn-Demand.Tool-freeand flexibleOutsourcing production.

Directly with CAD data into production. Without mold making and with rapid production speed. 3D on-demand production knows no manufacturing limitations like conventional processes. What is constructively conceivable can be printed. Unrestricted. voxeljet offers its customers and all those who want to become customers special services and conditions that make your decisions easier and safer. Thanks to the possibility of having components tested in one of our worldwide service centers, you can easily have them produced in contract, rapid prototype or series production. Or, with voxeljet Additive Backup Production, you can install an additional safety module in your production. A module with which you can compensate for almost any production bottleneck in an agile manner.

Spare parts production on-demand from voxeljet

Additiv Backup Production

Rely on the latest technologies without risk. voxeljet offers an exceptional service for this. In the event of overcapacity, production downtime, short-term demand for different print materials or for outsourcing special formats. As a secure backup, voxeljet machine customers can access all 3D Parts On-Demand service centers worldwide.

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Additive manufactured metal castings from voxeljet

Casting manufacturing 4.0

Complete castings in aluminium, iron, magnesium, steel, titanium and bronze directly from the CAD data set. With complex undercuts, realized in 3D printing without tools. This saves time and money. Without compromising quality. Realized quickly and economically in accordance with the high German norms and standards.

Parts On-Demand


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Industrial 3D Printing Systems

Our portfolio of industrial 3D printers ranges from compact systems for research to additive mass production.

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