Designer lamps from 3D printers

A trend-setting project led by architect Wieland Schmidt is offering a glimpse of what digital production in the future may look like. As part of the project, designer lamps designs are digitalised and subsequently printed into the final product at voxeljet's 3D service centre. You can purchase the lamps below:

"The possibilities that additive manufacturing offers are amazing. Now we can print our lamps in batch size one at voxeljet's service centre - quickly and easily. The prints are based on the CAD data of the models - everything else is done by the 3D printers on a fully automated basis. This means that, thanks to voxeljet, we can now complete the last and to date still missing step of the digital manufacturing process, which offers a whole new dimension of freedom for architects and artists," says Wieland Schmidt.

The project started at the Chair for Emerging Technologies at Munich's Technical University, where Wieland Schmidt, a guest lecturer, and his students looked at the production of complex shapes inspired by nature. This work resulted in a large number of creative projects, including excellent lamp designs. One particularly outstanding design, Lamp Donut, was printed directly from CAD data at voxeljet's service center, using the so-called layer building method. The lamp was produced in a build time of a few hours, with the layered application of 100 micrometre thick plastic layers that are selectively glued together with a binder.   

Wieland Schmidt was quite impressed with the result: "The Lamp Donut was not only printed with precision and true to detail, but also offered mechanical stability. This made it easy to infiltrate the model with epoxy resin, grind and subsequently lacquer it." The designer lamp is right in line with current trends. No wonder that the product range already includes four different lamp models, all of which are "printed" at voxeljet. Interested parties can view the lamp collection and place their orders directly from the Internet.

Technical data

Total size  752 x 353 x 353 mm 608 x 326 x 324 mm

557 x 557 x 152 mm

Weight  2.31 kg2.38 kg1.96 kg
Individual pieces322
Layer thickness 0.15 mm0.15 mm0.15 mm
Lead time  5 days5 days5 days
Build time 19,6 hours18 hours8,5 hours