3D printed design models open up new possibilities for designers, engineers, architects and artists to showcase their creative work and design solutions. Ideal for making designs quickly understandable and to be able to examine them in detail from every perspective without much effort. Regardless of whether it is product design, finely detailed architectural models, environmental models, city models, high-resolution film props or realistic exhibits and replicas of valuable museum pieces.

voxeljet Binder Jetting 3D printing systems can produce any object, however complex, quickly and without tools. On almost any scale. Depending on the material, components are produced true to the original in dimensions of up to 4,000 x 2,000 x 1,000 mm³ from sand or 1,000 x 600 x 500 mm³ from PMMA in one piece with the highest level of detail. In a resolution of up to 600 DPI.

3D design models for the perfect presentation of three-dimensional objects, studies and replicas - at any scale.

Advantage of speed

Accelerate design processes

Additively produced design models shorten the time needed for model construction by up to 75% during product development. At the same time, they are 100% identical with the design data of the CAD. This enables you to optimize designs in every phase of your design process at minimal cost.

Advantage of geometric and design freedom

Making the impossible possible

voxeljet has highly specialized 3D sand and 3D-PMMA printing systems using the binder jetting process. Highest detail resolution and speed combined with new scope for design freedom are the focus of our technologies. Even very complex, interlinked or thin-walled objects and components can be printed.

Advantage of flexibility

Universally applicable

voxeljet 3D printers for design models cover an enormous range of applications. As a tool perfectly integrated into the design process, it can be used to quickly realize mock-ups in product design, film props or the faithful replication of valuable museum pieces, the realization of architectural, interior design models or entire city models including topography.

Based on processed 3D scanner data, the 108 sculptures of the Michael portal were produced as replicas with voxeljet 3D printers in just a few days. The haptic sensation of sandstone was simulated using a combination of PMMA and epoxy resin.


3DION, realized with 3D printing 108 replicas for the Cologne Cathedral.

Use Case

voxeljet Additive Manufacturing experts for design models are at your side

From integrating 3D printing systems into your engineering and design processes to defining the perfect combination of materials for your 3D models and replicas

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High Precision3D Printing Systemsfor design models

voxeljet supports you along the entire process chain, starting with the selection of the optimum machine and technology for your models and the right choice of material. With a wide range of possible material/binder combinations and the option of choosing between production based on binder jetting or high-speed sintering (HSS). During the test phase, you can also obtain your models through one of our worldwide 3D service centers to thoroughly test processes, optimize products and accelerate developments without having to invest in hardware yourself.

VX1000 industrial 3D printer from voxeljet


The VX1000 is the all-rounder for 3D production. With its construction volume of 1000 x 600 x 500 mm it can process plastics, sand and ceramics. From medium-sized molds and cores for metal casting, to investment casting patterns.

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VX4000 Industrial 3D Printing System


The VX4000 is the world's largest 3D printing system for sand molds, with a continuous footprint of 4 x 2 x 1 meters. With its patented layering process, the system ensures consistent build times and impressive precision and part quality.

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voxeljet is one of the pioneers of the first hour when it comes to establishing 3D production processes in professional or industrial environments. Our Binder Jetting and Polymer High Speed Sintering machines, which were specially developed for industrial use, are among the most powerful and productive 3D systems for series production on an industrial scale worldwide. Especially when volume, efficiency, speed and reliability in production are important. From the factory, our 3D printing systems support a wide range of material/binder combinations.

Our processes are furan resin based or phenolic resin based and are ideal for the additive manufacturing of filigree and complex models and molds.

Sand types
In addition to classic quartz sand we offer cerabeads and chrome ore with different grain sizes.

The finishing is done by epoxy resin infiltration or sealing.

Our processes Polymer High Speed Sintering (HSS) and PolyPor B or PolyPor C are optimal for the additive manufacturing of plastic components.

Our plastics processes can be used to print standard polymethyl methacryate and polyamide 12 and, on request, other polymers such as PP, TPU, PEBA and EVA.

The finishing is done by epoxy resin infiltration and can be colored and sandblasted as required.

The voxeljet Academy

Learn all about the possibilities how additive manufacturing makes your production even more efficient.

The seminar program

What is feasible is what is conceivable. 3D printing removes all previous limitations in the creation of shapes. Whether it’s a replica, model or study, any shape, however complex, can be produced. To visualize things in a new dimension, to communicate complex relationships, to quickly verify the design and ergonomics of products and components on tangible objects. Inexpensive and fast as a unique specimen or in small series.

voxeljet highlights in the area of Mock Up's & Models

Support &Services

If you have specific questions about the innovative applications of 3D printing in your production? Would you like to maintain machines autonomously or qualify new materials? Your questions on how to optimize production with additive manufacturing technologies are a priority for voxeljet.

Small series production voxeljet
Additive Production Backup

As a security pack for smooth production, voxeljet offers our production centers as backup capacity at special conditions for commissioning, unplanned downtimes and peak loads.

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Sales partner worldwide of voxeljet
Distribution worldwide

voxeljet is at your side with sales and services worldwide. Together with our partners we are present in 26 countries in America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

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Additive manufactured metal castings from voxeljet
Casting manufacturing 4.0

Complete castings in aluminum, iron, magnesium, steel, titanium and bronze directly from the CAD data set. With complex undercuts, realized in 3D printing without tools.

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Industrial 3D Printing Systems

Our portfolio of industrial 3D printers ranges from compact systems for research to additive mass production.

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