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Bona fide reports help counteract violations at an early stage and limit the damage for our company, our employees, and our business partners. We have therefore set up several channels for contacting us – anonymously if required – to report infringements.

Ideally: Your supervisor

An open communication culture is a key component of a functioning compliance program. Employees must be able to talk about mistakes openly and above all in good time. For this reason, your primary point of contact should always be your supervisor.

Alternatively: Your compliance officer or compliance manager

If you have the feeling – for whatever reason – that you cannot address your matter with your supervisory, contact our Compliance department:


Name: Namrata MathureName: Kathrin Ekert
Telephone: + 49 821 74 83 – 140Telephone: + 49 821 74 83 – 150
namrata.mathure@voxeljet.de kathrin.ekert@voxeljet.de



voxeljet America, USAvoxeljet UK, England
Name: Nicole ArltName: Bee Mal 
Telephone: +1 734-808-0025Telephone: +44 1908 382 001
nicole.arlt@voxeljet.com bee.mal@voxeljet.co.uk
voxeljet India, Indienvoxeljet China, China

Name: Kathrin Ekert

Name: Yuxing Qiu

Telephone: + 49 821 74 83 - 153

Telephone: +86 512  8067 3618 - 8002




While this Code is designed to provide helpful guidelines, it is not intended to address every specific situation. Nevertheless, in every instance, the Company requires that Company Personnel act honestly, fairly and with a view towards “doing the right thing.” Therefore, dishonest or unethical conduct or conduct that is illegal will constitute a violation of this Code, regardless of whether such conduct is specifically referenced in this Code.

Internet-based whistleblowing system

You want to report a violation. This page provides a technical area which can only be accessed by voxeljet internals for submitting a report (therefore see the below attached form "Complaints and Concerns Form Whistleblower"). You can submit your information to voxeljet´s audit committee in confidence.

We respect your decision if you do not wish to provide your name. Therefore, the fields for first and last name are only optional. You can report all violations committed by employees of the voxeljet Group in connection with their employment. Such violations can be breaches of legislation or internal regulations.

voxeljet is committed to protecting whistleblowers. We do not tolerate any bullying or discrimination against whistleblowers. The suspected person is presumed innocent until convicted of a violation.

Why should I submit a report?

The aim is to avert damage to the company. Regulatory violations damage the company, and individual misconduct comes at a price for the entire workforce. voxeljet’s good reputation and the trust of our customers and business partners are all based on integrity and compliance with legislation and regulations. At the same time, compliance has a considerable impact on the wellbeing of the company’s employees and on achieving long-term economic success. Everyone must play their part in achieving this, and in recognizing any legal or regulatory violations as quickly as possible, and ensuring that they are rectified or punished. We are reliant on your willingness to report possible irregularities and violations wherever reasonable suspicion exists. It is vital to ensure that our company is able to investigate such reports in a rapid and objective fashion.

What can I report?

You can report information about any violations of legislation and internal regulations (e.g. employment contracts, Code of Conduct, guidelines) committed by voxeljet employees to the audit committee.

General subjects

The field "General Subject" is free to fill in, here are a few general headings that can be used:

  • Corruption
  • Violation of competition and antitrust law
  • Violation of accounting rules and bookeeping regulations
  • Violation of labour and health protection regulations, including bullying and harassment
  • Other significant violations of (criminal) laws and directives 
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