Serious information helps us to counteract infringements at an early stage and reduce damage to our company, our employees and our business partners. We therefore offer the possibility of contacting us via several channels in order to report anonymous violations of antitrust law, corruption and money laundering, if desired.

Ideally: The supervisor

An open communication culture is an essential component of well-functioning compliance. Employees must be able to address errors openly and, above all, at an early stage. The primary contact person should therefore always be the supervisor.

Real alternative: Your Compliance Officer or Compliance Manager

If you feel that you cannot contact your supervisor with your concern, for whatever reason, please contact our Compliance Department: You could also report anonymously to the Compliance Officers using the Compliance Reporting Box installed in the office premises.

Kathrin Ekert, Chief Compliance Officer

Phone: +49 821 7483-153
E-Mail: [email protected]

Berna Ibele, Deputy Chief Compliance Officer

Phone: +49 821 7483-154
E-Mail: [email protected]

Nicole Arlt, Compliance Officer USA

Phone: +1 734-808-0025
E-Mail: [email protected]

Yuxing Qiu, Compliance Officer China

Phone: +86 512 8067 3618-8002
E-Mail: [email protected]

Code of Conduct forDownload

This Code was created to provide useful guidelines, but is not intended to cover every conceivable situation. Nevertheless, the Company requires that in all cases, the Company’s employees act honestly, fairly and with the goal of “doing the right thing”. Dishonesty and immoral and unlawful conduct therefore constitutes a violation of the Code, whether or not such conduct is specifically mentioned in this Code.

Internet-based whistleblower system

You want to report a violation. On this page we provide you with a technical room that is only accessible to you and us (see the form “Compliants and Concerns from Whistleblower” below). You can use this form to submit your information confidentially to the Audit Committee of voxeljet AG.

We respect your decision if you do not want to give us your name. Therefore the fields for first name and surname are optional. You can report to us all infringements committed by employees of the voxeljet group in connection with their employment. Such breaches can be any violation of the law or internal rules.

voxeljet AG is committed to protecting whistleblowers. We will not tolerate pressure on whistleblowers and discrimination against them. In turn, the presumption of innocence applies to the person concerned as long as he or she is not convicted of a violation.


Why should I submit a report?

It is about preventing damage to the company. Breaches of rules damage the company, misconduct of individuals is at the expense of the entire workforce. Integrity and compliance with laws and regulations form the basis for voxeljet’s good reputation and for the trust of our customers and business partners. At the same time, compliance has a significant impact on the well-being of the company’s employees and on the sustained success of the company. In order to achieve this and to be able to recognise violations of the law and regulations in good time, to remedy them immediately and, if necessary, to punish them, the assistance of each and every one of you is required. We rely on your willingness to point out possible irregularities and violations in case of concrete suspicion. The prompt and objective clarification of suspicious activity reports by our company is essential for this.


What can I report?

You can report to the audit committee any information on all violations of laws and internal regulations (e.g. employment contract, principles of conduct, guidelines) committed by voxeljet employees.


Focus of your concern

The field “Focus of your request” can be chosen freely. The focal points listed here can serve as a guide:

  • Corruption
  • Violation of competition or antitrust law
  • Violation of accounting or bookkeeping regulations
  • Violation of occupational health and safety regulations, including bullying and harassment
  • Other significant violations of (criminal) laws and regulations


External reporting channels

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