We’re the UK’s leading industrial 3D printing service provider, known for fast, cost effective and accurate production capabilities. We offer a truly open materials platform using the broadest range of available materials including all metals (through casting), ceramics and polymers using our latest innovation, High Speed Sintering (HSS) to create high-quality components and parts made with Polyamide-12 (PA12) Nylon up to a capacity of 100,000. We offer typical turnaround times from 3 – 20 days with same day or next day delivery.


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  • Flexible, time saving and economical

Providing rapid options for manufacturing your prototypes through to production parts.

Our service centre uses some of the world’s largest industrial 3D printers, offering simplified mould assembly and post-processing. Our systems offer efficient printing technology enabling the flexible manufacture of various models, sizes and quantities.

  • Complete 3D solutions

Expert consulting, from CAD to finished cast parts.

We specialise in on-demand manufacture of moulds and models for industrial applications, from the production of moulds and cores for sand casting, PMMA models for investment casting, as well as display models for various industrial fields.

  • Designed for additive manufacturing

Moulds with complex geometries and virtually no restrictions.

Thanks to the layering process of industrial 3D printing, complex and demanding geometries can be easily integrated into part design and components. The process enables total freedom of design giving maximum functionality and optimised weight.


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We are always happy to advise you about various possibilities within 3D printing for your requirements. Please get in touch with a member of our sales team to find out how voxeljet can help you:


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North & East UK

Cameron Coyle

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