Functional Models

The innovative High Speed Sintering (HSS) process enables the tool-less production of design and functional models in a wide variety of materials (TPU, PA12, PP, EVA, etc.). The quality and properties are similar to injection moulding and equivalent to other additive processes.

In contrast to classic binder jetting, with High Speed Sintering the individual powder layers are not bonded but sintered together. Thus, the HSS process is perfectly suited for the production of fully functional models: from housings, shoe soles, buckles, various sample parts to mock-ups. Furthermore: High speed sintering products can also be applied in a variety of car interiors or product packaging.


  • Open-Source-Software: in-house material development possible.
  • High degree of flexibility due to customizable process parameters.
  • Custom-made: modular software with customer-specific macros and process data mining capabilities.
  • Simplified process: only one ink (Binding Agent) is applied.
  • Productivity: the entire building platform can be printed in a one cycle with constant layer times.
  • High-quality components with high resolution and detail.
  • Use of industrial inkjet printheads


  • Versatile and fully functional prototypes.
  • Educational institutions/research facilities: material development
  • Functional components for the development of consumer products: packaging design, housing for electronics.
  • Design models: interior fittings, furniture parts, mock-ups.
  • Automotive and aerospace industries: interior design, gear shift levers, ventilation flaps, cockpit components.
  • Textile and sports industry: shoe soles, orthopedic insoles.