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VX200 HSS: The ultimate R&D platform for polymer 3D printing


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The VX200 is one of the world’s most flexible 3D printing systems for polymers. An open system with full access to process data, freely configurable printing parameters and an integrated data analysis tool. This system is ideal for research and development of new materials for polymer 3D printing.

In addition, the VX200 HSS 3D printing system for plastics is also used for flexible and rapid production of prototypes or small batch parts. Ideal for bringing products to market faster or cushioning dynamic excess demand quickly and with high quality.

The interaction between material and machine is critical to successful 3D printing. Only when both elements are precisely coordinated can the full potential of the technology be realized. With its open software and programming of various process parameters, the VX200 HSS opens the doors to optimally harmonize the printing process and material.

In search of the new. The VX200 HSS is the ideal platform for institutes or research facilities specializing in contract research. Thanks to fast material change and data mining capabilities, the 3D printing system can be flexibly used for different research purposes and projects. The individual control of temperature sources and simple operating materials open up a particularly wide range of processable polymers/plastics. Developing new materials for the 3D printing process has never been easier.

Learn by doing. Although industrial 3D printing has been around for over 40 years, the technology still has a lot of potential to explore.  Future generations need to be trained on the technology. The VX200 HSS is equipped with easy-to-use and intuitive software and is ideal for use in classrooms and training. Whether at universities or at company training centers, the VX200 HSS provides a convenient and easy entry into the world of additive manufacturing.

Advantage of system individualization

Extremely material tolerant

The VX200 HSS is equipped as standard for processing PA12. However, it can also be ideally used to qualify most custom polymers.

Advantage of usability

Smart to use

The VX200 HSS can do a lot, but its operation remains simple thanks to a well thought-out ergonomic concept.

Advantage of material variety

Material variety

The open source software allows full access to all printing process parameters as well as individual adjustment of the temperature sources.

Advantage of precision

Precise in Detail

With a resolution of up to 360 dpi, depending on material configuration, the VX200 HSS prints even the finest details with impressive precision.

Advantage of cost efficient


The VX200 HSS can be used to produce small series components as quickly and precisely as initial prototypes and design iterations.

Advantage of robust


Without the need for peripheral equipment, the VX200 HSS can also be installed in smaller production areas or research laboratories.

Fields of Application

With a jobbox size of 290 x 140 x 180 mm and open source software, the VX200 HSS is ideal for material development and 3D printing of small, complex parts.

The VX200 HSS is the ideal partner for finding creative answers to challenging questions or for independent research into materials for 3D printing of polymers. With freely programmable process parameters and individual tailored to your material.
Qualify material for 3D printer
From the hand model to the casting mold. The VX200 HSS accompanies you in every phase of development. With quickly available components for design, ergonomics or technical function evaluation. Extremely fast and precise in detail.
Prototype development on the VX200 HSS
Not storing, but producing. Spare parts warehouses are capital tied up in the long term. With the VX200 HSS you produce spare parts at a moments notice. Just the moment they are needed. Centrally or decentrally, as single items or in small series and in the highest quality.
Spare parts production on the VX200 HSS from voxeljet

The VX200 HSS is suitable for:

99% Research & Development

95% Prototyping

25% Small Series

Flexibility in Production

Faster, more variants – without high upfront costs. Binder Jetting 3D printing offers the industry decisive competitive advantages in all areas where speed and flexibility are required.

Time to market – Reduced development and production times in design and function enable you to bring your products to market much faster.

Geometric freedom – If larger components or higher quantities are required, you can easily transfer production within the voxeljet VX series to other, larger systems in the voxeljet VX series.

Scaling – If larger components or higher quantities are required, you can easily transfer production within the voxeljet VX series to other, larger systems in the voxeljet VX series.

Polymer High Speed Sintering

Polymer High Speed Sintering is a 3D printing process in which powder material applied in thin layers is selectively wetted with an ink and fused by means of energy input.

In the Polymer High Speed Sintering Process, the printing software breaks down the shape defined in the CAD data into thousands of thin layers that make up the mold. This process can even be used to produce complex bionic internal structures or contact-free interlinked products.
The coater applies thin layers of powder material to the building platform, which is then selectively wetted by the print head with an infrared-absorbing ink. By irradiating the layer with infrared light, the ink-dyed parts of the component fuse together, while the uncolored powder remains loose. These steps are repeated until the component is assembled. In practice, several components are usually produced in a single job box to achieve maximum production efficiency.
After the printing process, the printed components are freed from unbound material and prepared for further processing. voxeljet materials are resource-friendly and, depending on the material, unbound powder residues can be fed back into the production cycle.
3D Polymer Bauteile entpacken

We want to process different materials with our VX200: from PA 12 and PA 613 to PEBA. However, we are not limited in our material portfolio. voxeljet's HSS technology allows us to optimize the interaction between material and machine and thus offer the best possible material.

Dr. Syliva MonsheimerHead of Market Segment New 3D Printing TechnologiesEVONIK


voxeljet Polymer High Speed Sintering is supported by excellent material choices from renowned partners in the chemical industry.

The interaction of high-performance materials and the flexibility of the voxeljet 3D polymer High Speed Sintering (HSS) process is the decisive factor for optimum physical component properties, maximum precision and excellent surface quality. Together with our partners in the chemical industry, we are continuously working to expand the range of available materials.

The voxeljet High Speed Sintering process is actively supported by the following powder manufacturers:

Technical details

The VX200 HSS is the ideal platform for institutes or research facilities specializing in contract research. Thanks to fast material change and data mining capabilities, the 3D printing system can be used flexibly for different research purposes and projects.

voxeljet Polymer High Speed Binder Jetting Process

up to 360 dpi

Length 290 mm, Width 140 mm, Height 180 mm

Our Polymer High Speed Sintering (HSS) process is ideal for the additive production of plastic components in injection molding series quality.

Our plastics process can print polyamide 12 as standard and other polymers such as PP, TPU, PEBA and EVA on request.

Depending on requirements, components can be subsequently colored or blasted.

Documents toDownload

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You have specific questions about the innovative applications of 3D printing in your production. You want to maintain machines autonomously or qualify new materials. Your questions about optimizing production with additive manufacturing technologies are at the forefront of voxeljet.

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The interaction between material and machine is our passion. We are ready to break new ground with you and help you test new or specific materials on 3D printing machines and qualify them for additive manufacturing.

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